Touring advice for the week after Christmas

Visiting WDW 12/26-1/2 and looking for touring advice. Plan to visit each of the 4 parks once and do not have a hopper (thoughts?). Staying at YC and SW:GE is a must. Please share your best strategies for the crowds and where you would spend NYE.

We know this is the busiest time of year, but the trip is set and we are excited. Thanks!!

We’re going 12/26-1/1. Haven’t been during this time before so I’m following along to advice too.

My family are not huge fireworks fans. (Will catch some of the show, but don’t plan around them.) If that’s a priority for you, consider catching their FW show on 12/30 and the EP on 12/31 (or HS if they are having one this year).

I’m planing to avoid MK entirely on 12/30 and 12/31. My family loves eating at EP. We’ll probably go to EP and attempt to eat around the world as the new year rings in for each country. Or, we may decide to skip rining in the new year and have an early evening at AK… which will then allow us to hit RD on 1/1 at a park and have low crowds.

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We are going 12/26-1/2 and have not been during this time, although are frequent WDW visitors. We are going to go to MK on 12/30 to see the Fireworks (dessert party most likely), and 12/31 we will go to Epcot. I would only go to MK on 12/31 if I was staying at the Contemporary or Bay Lake, so I could walk back and forth. Traffic is apparently insane on the 31st.
My plan for HS is to arrive early, head straight to GE and then have FPP booked later. I went to the opening in California, so have ridden Smugglers Run, but my kids have not so that will be a priority. I haven’t decided exactly which day to go to HS, it will be either 12/28 or 12/29.
My answer to dealing with the crowds is staying Club level and buying the extra FPP for 3-4 days of our stay. Without that I would be planning early mornings every single day. Not necessarily EMH, but no sleeping in.

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We’ve been that week and will be doing it again this year. First tip - pack your patience and don’t expect to do the same things you normally do - stop and watch the street shows, shop or eat a bit more, do rides you haven’t done for a while.
We stayed on the boardwalk and Epcot was so insane on 12/31, that we walked back to the hotel around 8-9 pm and hung out until close to time for fireworks. Bathroom lines were insanely long!! People were camped like homeless people 20 ft deep around the fence to secure their spot, BUT we had no trouble finding a spot and enjoying the fireworks. It was a LOT of fun, but I’m glad I could just walk “home” for a break. Worth every bit of the super expensive room price.
You can search for pictures from 12/31 - twitter for example - it’s crazy!
The year we went MK did fireworks on both 12/30 and 12/31, and had 2 shows per night - one early for the littles that needed to go to bed.

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