Tour Only of Hogwarts Castle

I’ve read about the “Tour Only” line for Forbidden Journey where you can take your time looking at all the parts of the castle that you see in line while waiting for FJ. The sources I’m reading say that they close the “Tour Only” line at times. Do any of you know at the end of July what the chance of this option being available is?

Sorry I cant help it was closed at Easter. I believe it is shut during peak times and first thing and last thing. Best bet is to speak with first team member you see explain you don’t want to ride but want to see inside. They are very very good at accommodating guests needs/ requests. You might find you are given a return time or other info to help. Also you can just join the main queue and let others overtake you and use chicken exit. Early and late queue times are really low and walk through is really easy to do at this time.

I agree with @mumcalsop. In October, I wanted to be able to hear more of Dumbledore’s talk, so I stuck myself in the corner and just let people pass me. Nobody complained and no CMs came to move me along.

Ok. We will have early entry so we’ll just hang back in the regular line. I do want to ride the ride, I had just read that the CM’s move you along so that you can’t really linger. But I think that’s a good idea to choose where to linger like in a corner. Thanks!