Tough time finding room reservation for early/mid December

Is the pre-holiday time (December 10-20th) typically very busy?
I’m having a horrible time finding a room reservation for that time frame?

They have many promos during this time. I initially booked a room at POP for 13-20 then canceled. It was the only reasonably priced room I found. Had free dining, not big eaters. Rebooked CL at Gran Destino end of Jan. Make sure when you are doing room search, your “offer” is just vacation package (not room only, not one of the discounts offered). What hotel are you trying to get? If you want 10 - 20, may have to do a split stay…

I just found plenty but I don’t know your criteria…

I just checked Undercover Tourist. They have lots to choose from as well.

Same… I found plenty right on the WDW website using the Fall Discount. I found a room at AoA for a week at $175 / night between 12/8 - 12/15

I did 10th - 20th found all the All Stars, some moderates, the cabins and many deluxe. Maybe there’s a party size thats causing an issue. I’d be happy to help @ap619 out with advice if you’d provide a bit more info on what ur needs are and where you would ultimately like to stay.

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Thanks everyone.
Looking for total of 6 guests; 2 adults 4 kids (ages 3, 6, 8, 10 at time of travel).

Are 12/10 - 12/20 your travel dates or a range of dates?

Cabins and ASM suites are the best priced. They are available as of now for the 10 - 20th. I’d pick cabins any day over ASM Suites, love the morning bunnies. But my kids are grown. AllStar Music might be better to a young kids liking. More convenience too.

If you are willing to stay at a WDW “Good Neighbor” hotel - all the same benefits of an on-site stay, except a little further away and no DME from / to airport - there are multiple hotels, 4 & 5 star rated, with rooms available ranging from $79 - $219 / night. I found these deals by looking on Priceline.

The cabins and the 2 value resorts with suites are the least expensive options and 2 out of the 3 are available. You could do what @darkmite2 says and stay offsite to save money. You could try renting points through Dave’s or something similar. It’s so close though. But you could get lucky.

This is great info!
Looking for Dec 11th to 16th specifically but could swing a night or 2 either way depending on availability

I think I found the issue…
We are used to staying in the larger room resorts (GF, BC, poly), but now our youngest is 3 yrs and they are counting her as an “adult guest” toward the limit of 5… any chance if I call to make a reservation they would override the restriction? She is definitely pack n play worthy!

Never hurts to ask. The worst answer is “No.”

You can try but I haven’t heard of them making an exception. My friend tried this one in a 4 person room, had 2 adults, 3 yr old and 2 5 yr olds.

If space is the only concern, the suites in the value are like 2 value rooms and the cabins are of similar size. These should be bigger than the standard 5 person rooms in the deluxe. I saw Animation had some dates available. I would consider them if Disney will not make an exception. I wouldn’t wait too long to look into this though.

I’m pretty sure the answer you are going to get is a hard no. They have removed people from rooms for being over occupancy. Most (if not all) hotels are very strict about occupancy limits. It involves fire codes.