Touched my heart

So I read a forum post that tagged me. I responded with "hi" I am sorry if i do not post in forums much. I like you all a lot might have even met over 100 of y'all and enjoyed every one. So many different backgrounds but as people so much kindness. Forums are confusing to me so I will stay in main. If a couple of pics cheers y'all up or adds a smile I will stay in main and still enjoy main. What I am trying to say I have no intention of leaving I just cant just promise much in forums. I love y'all and hope to grown in this family


No worries @niter! I think it's great if people use whichever one fits them best - forum, chat or both! You are always kind to everyone, and I hope that you know that you are loved by all.

We just want to see you around, @niter !! Nobody has to choose between one format or another!

I wonder if you saw my post on the OldChat that was about how my kids autograph books turned all niterous:


I faithfully follow your antics on Instagram! Feeling is mutual, my friend!

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Love to see you and your pictures anywhere you want to post them, my friend!

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HI Niter!!!!


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Hi Niter!! Hope to meet you if you are around over labor day!

Hi Niter. DH and I are hoping to take your lead and move down to FL someday soon. You and your wife enjoy WDW so much and thanks for the inspiration! Hope to see you and your jersey at "home" one day

Ditto what @999HappyHaunts said! Sure hope you can meet us over Labor Day weekend!😃

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Niter!!!!! Come back soon! smiley

We're happy to 'see' you anywhere @Niter! Keep those pictures coming! smile

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Hi @niter! We love to keep up with you no matter where you are. Yes I stalk you, but not in that weird way, only the nice way. wink

As one of the lucky 100s who have had the pleasure of meeting you and Wifey, and spending a little bit of time with you, I hope we are able to do it again as soon as possible.

Keep on truckin' out there!