Totally screwed up my BOG ADR!

I have totally screwed up! I made an ADR for BOG for our stay in July. Basically, I made the reservation for 4, when it should have been for 5. Back in January, I didn’t think my sister was really going to go to WDW with us, so I just booked for 4. And she just confirmed with me last week that she can go. I have the reservation finder searching for a party of 5 reservation for the week, but no luck yet. I’m still crossing my fingers that I might be able to get a reservation, as I did have success 2 years ago when attempting to change times around during our trip.

What has been people’s experience with showing up for your ADR with one extra person?


I have been in this situation where an extra family member ended up on the trip. I was worried. We showed up a bit early, explained the situation and it was fine. It wasn’t for BOG though. But we had no problems at Chef Mickey’s and 'Ohana.
The other thing you could do would be to search for a party of 1 near your reservation time. They will typically seat groups together even with two reservations (we have done this multiple times when traveling with larger parties).

Also recommend looking for an ADR for 1 as well. Seating together should not be a problem. Last year we had 11 people and almost all our ADR’s were split yet we always sat together or next to each other. If you have no luck getting another ADR than try to have her added when you get there.

What meal is this for? We just did lunch. I don’t remember them double checking how many. But if you preorder however much food, it might be just as easy to grab a table for 5 instead of 4? If dinner, that might be different. Good luck!

A little over a year ago we had a reservation for 10 at BOG for dinner. About a month before my sister had decided to come with her husband. We showed up with 12 and they sat us no problem. We just told them we had 2 more in our party when we checked in. I hope this helps.

Thank you all for your replies. It was good to read that others have had similar issues and haven’t had issues.

Our reservation is for dinner, and it’s with the current a la carte menu, so I really don’t want to skip it! I’ve set a reservation finder for 5 and 1, so hopefully something comes up. As it is, she still hasn’t bought her ticket yet and my FPP window is 5/9!!! So who knows if she’s still coming with us!