Totally normal right?

I’m just up at 2am the day before departure tweaking TPs and FPs - just felt like telling that to people that would understand. . .


While I understand the impulse… go to bed! You won’t enjoy your vacation if you are exhausted. (Says one night owl to the other. Hello black kettle, my name is pot. :wink:)

Enjoy your trip!


There’s always pretrip jitters. I’m 6 days out and starting to feel edgy. Unfortunately, I’m getting up for work and not Disney planning. It will all work out.


I always find it hard to sleep but I’m not a tweaker. Step away from the plans until you are well rested and thinking clearly!!


Yeah - the issue was really procrastination as I hadn’t had a chance to check plans after crowd changed and when I hit evaluate they didn’t work anymore so I had to shift stuff around to make it work - I did succeed but YAWN!! Let’s hope I have energy to carry out the plans!

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I haven’t slept well in weeks thinking about my plans but I haven’t worked on anything MOTN. Usually I find myself awake by 5 and reading the forums etc.

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I get it. You have to tell yourself you’ve got this! Because you do :wink: Have a great trip!

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I’ve been losing sleep because I am 26 days out from my next trip and have not been able to plan a THING . Trip is for DD’s cheer competition and we had to book through Varsity Sports and do their package. Magic Bands and tickets, including reservation number will not be available until we CHECK-IN :sob: I have been sitting here in moderate panic mode that we will not find a single place to eat or get on a single ride using FP because everything is gone already. And I can’t even plan a tentative plan because we don;t yet know which days and times DD will have practice and what time she will compete.

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Yikes! I do hear from people all the time that you can still make last minute work - deep breaths!!

Yes, I am totally going to have to rely on refreshing! And I am trying to remind myself that I was just there in November and this trip is different so definitely need to accept that I can’t do it all, or likely even 25%, LOL Thanks :slight_smile:

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