ToT wait times at RD before official opening

HS 3/22
10am opening, CL3
Starting my plan 30 minutes early at 9:30 : including ToT, RnRc, lightening McQueen, MFSR, RoTr and ST

Optimized plan has ToT as the first step with me arriving at 9:35 with a huge 73 minute wait!

73 minutes before park open? Can this be right?
I think park hours will adjust next week to a 9am opening time so this plan is not final, but wow! I’d take it off my plan before I start with a 73 minute wait.
Removing ToT and reoptimizing puts RnRC as the first step, but still with a 49 minute wait at 9:35.
When is the ideal time to ride ToT and RnRc? Have your morning experiences been like this?

I have several like this. Frozen 25m before park open on 3/9, for instance.

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I like to check the “ride now” or “ride later” column instead of using the plan in cases like that. For Hollywood Studios you’ll want to most likely hit Railway or Slinky Dog first. Usually Slinky Dog first is recommended over in chat.

For EP, you can hit Frozen first, or Test Track.

I think ToT is a decent choice first thing because of capacity right now. Slinky Dog and Railway have lower waits later in the day, but ToT just builds all day because they put so few people in right now. There are wait time charts for each park. I’ve been looking at the wait time patterns for each ride as well as optimizing plans.