Torn on what to do

Hi everyone!! We are AP holders and were able to go twice last year. We were hoping to get another trip in before they expire (Aug 17th). Due to Covid closures for my kids, summer travel will be difficult. I was hoping to be able to go around Thanksgiving. I called today and they are extending our passes until Nov 17th. In order to go I would have to take my kids out of school for at least a week. My oldest will be a freshman. Do any of you have high schoolers that you have taken out of school? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Also, we live in Wisconsin. I can’t find any info on how they might be handling the decreased capacity. That’s a long way to drive and not get into the parks. Thanks in advance!!

Do any of his/her friends have older siblings so you could ask the parents? It really varies a lot how it is handled and at what level the policy is set (school/district/state).

There was a terrible story on here in December about a high school teacher that intentionality moved a major lab to the day before Christmas break and school policy was it would be a zero, no makeups. One of the parents stayed behind with him for that last day while the others went ahead. And that was just missing one day.

We got nastygrams for missing 3 days, but they don’t really go after people here until it’s over a week if other attendance is good.

And that’s under normal conditions. Hard to say if they will be more/less lenient with whatever school looks like in the fall.

ETA: Here’s what I found on UOR capacity, but they could change it before then.

1. Are the parks reopening at reduced capacity during this phase?

Yes, we are limiting attendance at our theme parks during our phased reopening.

2. Is a reservation required in order to visit the theme parks beginning June 5?

No, a reservation is not needed in order to visit the theme parks. Please note that since we’re limiting attendance, there may be times when the parks reach capacity and additional guests will not be admitted.

That’s one funny thing about TX. They are great with parental rights, etc., until you miss a school day. Yowsers! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

OP can you go the last week of summer before school starts, that is traditionally a lower crowd week.


We talked about that. But in our district, that is usually when school orientation is. It’s my son’s 1st year of high school and my daughter (who is autistic and delayed) start of kindergarten. We can’t miss those. I know that at the elementary and middle level missing is not a big deal. I have inquiries out about high school. They missed some last year and it was no big deal. It just may not be in the cards this year. :slight_smile:

The decrease in capacity worries me, too. It would be horrible to drive 24 hours and not be able to get in the parks some days.


My oldest will be a freshman in the fall too. We moved our Spring Break trip to October, and I’m not wild about pulling a high schooler out, but at this point it is what it is. He’ll only miss 3 days in our case, and the district allows up to 5 consecutive days for family vacations, so it’s not an “official” problem.

As far as the parks, in the current situation, the fall is an eternity away. We’ll know a LOT more once the parks have been open a month or so.

Oh phooey…

I’ve made a decision that I’m pulling my kids for a vacation whether or not I should. I never have promoted that before but I feel that once it is safe to travel we need the chance to celebrate. I have shared as much with my son’s school already. These are exceptional times. And we’ve learned that remote learning can be accommodated in a flash.


That is so awesome! I wonder is that’s a policy promoted somehow at the state level? Attendance drives school funding here so that’s the impetus behind every attendance decision.

These are exceptional times. Everything becomes more flexible in a crisis.

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Attendance drives our funding too.

It’s a fairly wealthy district, and I’m sure families would riot if they weren’t allowed to take Muffy and Scooter to France or Aspen or Bali for 2 weeks instead of our 1 week Spring Break :joy:

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I agree with you @OBNurse. I think this is going to be a very strange and boring summer. If it seems safe, I think we are going to need some family fun time. Our district doesn’t send “the letter” until you have around 8 days of absences. I’m more worried about missed content. I’m just going to give it some time.

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I also feel like schools are going to be lenient about attendance policies in general this coming school year. Whose to say you didn’t keep your kid home from school for a week due to a 100.4 fever or higher. Not necessarily cause to visit the doctor but definitely under the current climate a reason to keep your kid home.


If you stay at a UOR hotel, you will get in no matter what. Parks don’t have a first-come, first-served policy when they limit capacity. Pass holders are prioritized over day-ticket people. People staying onsite are prioritized over those that aren’t.

Update re: fall schooling at least here in the 603:
I was given a link by our principal yesterday to complete a survey regarding the fall. I thought it pertained to just my son’s school. Turns out it is a survey developed by the state of NH to guide development of plans for continued remote learning in the fall.

It was a punch in the gut for sure. They wouldn’t spend time planning for something unlikely to happen. That they are working on this now tells me they think it’s a strong possibility that it will continue come fall.

I think a lot of schools are (justifiably, IMO) worried about a second wave that coincides with flu season.


I’m hearing a lot about schools taking the hybrid approach. Part time in the class and part distance learning. I can deal with that, I guess. I’m a nurse and can work my schedule around it. It’s the parents that work M-F I feel bad for. I just hope our district doesn’t wait to long to let us know.

@shawthorne Is that the plan? I tried to find info and couldn’t. We always stay at CB. That would make me feel better.

Even working M-F a hybrid would be helpful. We won’t make it if it’s full on remote learning. Unless my husband is still home by then but I’m not sure what the plans are for him to return to in-office work. They are functioning quite fine from at-home

My DH was officially told this week they’ll all be working from home at least through September. They’ve gotten it largely normalized now.

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That has been their plan when they reach capacity, or near it. That happens on super-busy days like around Christmas The only difference now is that capacity # is a lot less.

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