Torn about HS FPP and RD

There are so many rides at HS now and I’m not sure what to do. Signing up for FPP this Tuesday.

HS opening at 9am.
2 adults with 23 and 19yo young men.
Week before Memorial Day weekend; CL 2 (woo hoo!)
FPP 60 + 6

Touring plans website suggests FPP for Minnie and Mickey, Toy Story Mania and Rock n’ Rollercoaster, with same day FPP for Millennium Falcon and Star Tours.

I’m thinking to RD Rock n’ Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror then head to our first FPP at hopefully around 10am.


  1. I’m concerned about getting same day FPP for Millennium Falcon and wondering if we should RD that?

  2. Also wondering where to fit in Slinky Dog Dash.What are the chances of getting a same day FPP for that?

  3. I’ve googled the heck out of this and can’t find an answer: Do we HAVE to use tier 2 FPP, or can we schedule just one tier 1 and then book another tier 1 after that?

Any other tips for HS are appreciated.

Are you following this for same day drops?

60+6 should put you in an excellent position for FPP.

You have to book FPP and tap into two Tier 2 and one Tier 1 before you can get same day FPP for any more Tier 1.

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#1 - MF:SR is a reliable same day drop. Even the standby queue is manageable later in the day. If you do want to do it with minimum wait RD will be your best chance. However, I am in favor of going to RnR & ToT first. People have reported that section of the park having the smallest RD crowd.

#2 - If you can make this your Tier One for the day I would. The ride loads slowly + the queue is almost entire outside with little / no shade. Same day drops can happen, but are harder - especially for more than 2 people.

#3 - You have to use both of the Tier 2 FPP to get another Tier 1. Once you’ve booked and used the initial three FPs, there are no tier rules at all as you get more for any ride one at a time.

If there aren’t Tier 2 attractions you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the attraction, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, the system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window.

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So if I do Slinky Dog Dash for my FPP, do you think I will be able to get one for Minnie and Mickey later on?

People have been reporting riding MMRR multiple times in the same day with frequency. The standby moves quickly and FPP are dropping.


We are going the same week. We have 2 days at HS scheduled. We are RDing MMRR and getting a FP fro SDD. The second day we are getting a FP for MFSR. If I didn’t have the second day, I would probably jump in line for MFSR towards the end of the day. FP day for us is on Tuesday so I hope it works out!

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I understand the RDs for MMRR have been a long wait since it’s still so new, which is why I’m torn; I don’t want to waste a lot of time there. So I’m going to try to FPP that later on in the day.