I’m staying at CB in january and my ADR day is approaching soon. Since we have EP on our first day I was going to try to get a res. for Topolino’s for breakfast. Is the dress code only for dinner? Also, any info you have about breakfast right now would be great. I’m not sure if the menu I’m seeing is up to date.

Also, best walking path from CB? I will probably request barbados again. thanks

I ate there in October for breakfast. Everyone I saw was in park wear, so definitely not too fancy. The food was great. It was a lot of food though, I could not eat half of what they brought, take a large ziploc to pack up the pastries. :smile:
The menu on the WDW website is correct- there are 6 entrees available (plus kids meals) and you get a shared pastry basket. I had the quiche. Loved the characters, easy to see and no need to get up and disturb your meal.

You can walk over to the Riviera easiest from Aruba or Martinque.


Those pastries look amazing! I’ve heard great things about breakfast at Topolino’s!
We have a dinner reservation coming up Dec. 23rd and I just realized that we will have to plan for a dress code (after visiting HS all day!.. hmmmm??) Wondering how that is going to work… guess we’ll have to shove collared shirts and maybe a dress for the girls in our park back packs…

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Thanks, it looks delicious!

I hope I can get a reservation!

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Looks great!
Now I’m thinking of hitting Topolino for supper on our no park-pool day.
Looks like we can walk from BC to the Skyliner outside IG and head over to Riviera.
Not sure how long it would take but seems practicable.:thinking:

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its maybe 5-10 minutes tops on the skyliner (minus the line)

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Drooling over the food! Your character pictures are awesome.:star_struck::heart_eyes:

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I’m so excited! I used the Reservation Finder and was able to switch our Topolino’s reservation to our arrival day dinner (from HS day… so now we don’t need to worry about dress code during a busy park day)! It’ll be perfect! AND I got Hollywood Brown Derby for 6:30pm on our HS day… again… perfect!