Topolinos fireworks view?

So, I was able to snag an 8 PM ADR for Topolinos on my Epcot day. I wasn’t initially thinking about fireworks, just that I needed to change my SAI ADR to something else. But now I’m wondering what the fireworks view for Epcot Forever is like? Since the fireworks are slated to start at 9 PM, I’ll likely still be at Topolinos. Is it worth showing up a little early to ask for a table by the glass? Or does everyone just go out on the terrace like they do at CG?

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I’ve been at Topolina’s for fireworks and plenty of people headed outside to watch. Our table was in the middle of the restaurant and we could see from there as well. If you can’t see them from your table you can definitely head out to the terrace. You can also see MK fireworks too, but more of an obstructive view.


I am thinking about this too…so do people just get up in the middle of their meal, go outside, and watch the fireworks? The wait staff doesn’t worry that you pulled a dine and dash, or worse…take your plates :slight_smile:

I know at Cali Grill it’s expected and they are very good at timing the courses so your meal doesn’t get cold while viewing.


That’s awesome