Topolino's Breakfast - Two Thumbs Up

Hey folks…jumping on here to say how much my family LOVED breakfast at Topolino’s. We ate there with my husband’s family in November and didn’t have a reservation for it when we went back with my family this week. I was able to snag reservation the day before we were looking to go and started to second guess myself due to the cost. However, my parents and sister’s family LOVED it. The food was excellent - the best meal we had on property - and the characters and serving staff were phenomenal. This might just be a must do for us in all future trips.

Has anyone had dinner at Topolino’s? What is that like and do you recommend it?


I looooove their breakfast, but I won’t be back for dinner. I don’t really like the menu and I did not enjoy my meal at all. I’d much rather go to one of the many other excellent signature restaurants on property.


Dinner was delicious. We went after my son proposed to his girlfriend. I had the diver scallops.


We had dinner there last year. DSIS and I loved everything we ordered: Escargot, veal chop, sea scallops, and fruits of the forest. I have reservations to go again for dinner in February with DH. He will not have escargot or veal! So, we’ll try other things. We also can’t wait to try breakfast at Topolino’s for the first time in February, too!