Topolino's breakfast and BG strategy

We have a 10:15 ADR for Topolino’s breakfast on 3/7. That was the only time available so I just grabbed it. Ideally, we would tap into HS, get a BG at 8, ride a ride or two, then take the Skylilner to breakfast and return later for our FP and to ride RotR. Obviously, I won’t know what our BG number will be and if the timing will work out. I’m pretty much seeing no way to make sure the timing will work but I hate to cancel the ADR as it’s the only day we can do it. We could keep the ADR and call to ask not to be charged if we need to miss it for our BG? Try to change the ADR to earlier with the thought that we probably won’t get an early BG (I hate to jinx us!)? It really makes me want to say “Screw it” and not mess with RotR! We will be at HS on our last morning also, but I was nervous about only having the one chance to ride it especially with all the breakdowns and having BBG starting at 63!

Keep your plans.

If when you get a BG you have an early one and things look like it will clash with your ADR, go and speak to the CMs roaming around.

They have reportedly been good at switching people into later BGs and/or allowing people to join a later BG due to clashes with ADRs and other scheduled plans like the droid or light sabre building.


@Nicky_S Thanks for talking me off the ledge! LOL. All of this BG uncertainty makes us Type A/OCD people anxious. I need to remember that this is supposed to be fun. :blush:

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