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What an absolutely beautiful resort! I am going to be holding my breath. You will be their right when the tower opens? There will be a lot of liners, bloggers and I believe @len said he will be there too?


With the net saving it was a no-brainer, really. I liked Pop (good room, good buses, nice view from my particular room — but would I get as good again?) but CSR is much more of a full-service resort and the theming is far better.

Even more excited about my trip now. 169 days to go.


I was wondering whether you’d be able to keep your original package if you changed resorts, it’s good to know that you can. I don’t think the gondolas will be working by then, and there’s always uber.

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If they are up and running I can still try them out.


But what’s my rush! And walking around the resort (to try out different stops for fun) will be lovely!


You are SO dramatic. It’s one of your best features I think.

Coronado’s refurb’d rooms are getting RAVE reviews. I think you’ll be quite happy there!

He does have a room booked for opening night. Forget where I heard that. I think it was a podcast.


@profmatt…room comes with rather handsome gentleman. :wink:


I wouldn’t worry about a view at CSR. There is still a walkway between your window and your actual view.

Bus stop 2 (near Casitas 4&5) is actually the first stop when going to the parks.

The biggest plus for a July stay is that CSR shouldn’t have massive groups of 15s, that Pop absolutely will (although they tend to stay standard at Pop). We were there last year with many large groups but our room was near none of them (pool preferred). They just made the food court & pools very busy.

Enjoy your CSR stay!


You guys have clubbed together to get me a, er, companion for my trip?


I think you may have to ask @PrincipalTinker’s thoughts on this.


Both at YC and Pop last year literally the only time I admired the view was when I was photographing it to post here.

You see the view when you’re walking around the resort. As you say, CSR doesn’t have balconies.

This was actually something I considered when I was mulling it all over.

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When planning our trip… we are also considering the “how often did we even look out the window last trip”. Price difference doesn’t seem worth it.

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We take our first CSR stay in 22 days and I’m beyond excited to be there. I avoided the resort for years (we rarely stay moderate- deluxe or value depending on the type of trip we are taking). But once I saw pics of the new rooms, I knew I wanted to try it!

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I stayed CSR last September and truly loved it. Terrific staff, great rooms.

We checked into AKL Kidani yesterday, and I have to say, I’m not THAT impressed.

Our room wasn’t ready until after 7pm (and that took a bazillion phone calls!!!), and we had another guest banging on our door at 12:18am this morning telling us to be quiet (we were in bed and quiet. :woman_facepalming:t3:)

The room is pretty and we have a Savannah room…but Boardwalk and CSR are so far my two favorite resorts I’ve stayed at.

IN fact we may skip our Boardwalk stay this year and stay at CSR instead, I haven’t quite decided yet!

And to be there when the tower opens…that’s COOL.


Opening night, for two nights.


@profmatt My DH, reading over my shoulder, wants to know how you do this? :rofl: Sorry, I just couldn’t pass this up. LOL


I can’t forgive you, but I understand. @OBNurseNH has lowered the tone of the entire site and you’re simply a victim of allowing yourself to be dragged down to her level.

I’m an old-fashioned disciplinarian. I think you both deserve a good licking.


Are you referring to my son? Lol


Without question.

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I’m so sorry Matthew. I know how much you hate change. :roll_eyes:

But sounds like you have made your peace with it. The rooms at CSR do look nice, and even better about the price difference. Did you book a U.K. or US package btw?

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Not that I want to re-traumatize you, but what happened at poly?