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The pictures are rather dark since we arrived at night. I think CSR has my favorite shower- in the world.


The rooms seem similar to the ones at Pop. Maybe a bit classier. Maybe a bit bigger. Is the TV smaller? Do I care? I’m so confused. I don’t know.

The resort is obviously nicer. Isn’t it? And the main pool definitely is. A nice escape during the day?

But what if the Skyliner is finished and running by July?

I wonder if they’ll let me do a split stay. I’m not sure if that’s a thing for UK bookings if you have a package.

Why does the room have a ceiling fan? Does it not have proper air-conditioning?

Should I book a water view? Or preferrred?

And you’re sure they’re all refurbished?

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They are all refurbished. CSR will not have the gondolas. They will have the tower. The rooms are much larger. I think they are the largest moderates. I will admit I loved the water view, but like Pop you see the view going to/from your room.

The room does have great air conditioning. I checked in at the end of September and it was great. Some people just like those fans. I do not.


There are a couple of bloggers that do monthly walk through of the resort.

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I meant if the Skyliner is up and running, Pop becomes more attractive (than it currently is) because it has a station there.

Had a quick view of a video of the pool area: slide and hot-tub.

Soooo tempted!

Many thanks for the pictures and info :heart:


Oh! They have already been running the gondolas so they may be running by then!

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So overall, were you happy with CSR? We’re staying there in May and I’ve been wondering if we made the right choice for the hotel. :flushed:

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I was very happy with CSR! I am doing some weird things with DVC this summer and I have been regretting that I booked that and did not return to CSR. I am really shocked by how much I loved that resort.


Is transportation a big thing for you? I have been thinking about it. CSR has multiple bus stops and I know how much you loved that one stop at Pop- plus the gondolas…

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I’ll be a bigger enabler: when in July? The CSR tower opens July 9…


Should we mention they have club level rooms?


Thank you!!! I’m already feeling better about our decision. :heart:


I arrive July 10.

I feel like these are a scam. Plus it’s naughty enough increasing the cost as it is. (Also I’m going to endlessly mention it’s my 50th birthday and hope I get an upgrade.)


So am I doing this then?

If I book a standard room, it’s another £130 ($170; 5%) extra, total — risk car park view for possible birthday upgrade?

Water view is £290 ($370; 11%) extra — this feels like “a lot” more, whereas £130 feels like “not much”

Preferred is £370 ($480; 15%) extra — this is “loads more”: and for what?

Pros: much nicer resort, much better pool, slightly? nicer room, interesting to try somewhere new, interesting to try a moderate, quieter?, opening of new tower interesting?

Cons: more money, may miss out on Skyliner, busses maybe not as good, opening of new tower disruptive?


Another con as mentioned. Csr has multiple bus stops


You agree that the multiple stops could be an issue for @profmatt?

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I think trying something new might be fun… but I’d prob pay for a little nicer view—- no garden view at that hotel? Just jumps to water? -I’m not familiar with it). It sounds like a decent view might be important to you. Also you can’t go wrong. Sounded like you enjoyed your stay at Pop.