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I try to stay on top of as much Disney I can, I admit I fall short when it comes to quick service locations. Please share your favorite or recommendations. Especially for Hollywood Studios! Note, we are going next month and will be there for Food and Wine. We have the Disney Dining plan :slight_smile:

At HS, Docking Bay 7 is definitely my fave.


To be honest, if we haven’t got an ADR at Studios we tend to go to Epcot for lunch. Especially during F&WF and F&GF. :slight_smile: Haven’t tried Docking Bay 7 yet, but great to hear that it’s good!

ABC is really good these days, we also like Backlot but not as much as we used to. I hear good things about Woody’s Lunchbox but we only tried the pop tarts and didn’t like them.


Not at DHS, but at AK, Satuli Canteen wins this for us hands down! We went twice during our trip and it was a winner for the whole family. My DS8 specifically requested the second time we went! We also love Columbia Harbor House and Pecos Bill’s (fixins bar) at MK! I’ve not found a QS spot I just love at DHS yet…

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Docking Bay 7 is our new favorite at HS. ABC Commissary has improved over the last few years. ABC has a diverse selection as Disney goes.

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In the other parks, I guess BOG at MK - best of a bad bunch, Flame Tree BBQ at AK and Sunshine Seasons or the French bakery in EP.

Lots of good choices at DS - Polite Pig, Blaze, D Luxe, Earl of Sandwich.


At HS Woody’s is my best by far.

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As far as the other parks…

AK - Satu’li wins easily. We also enjoy Flame Tree and Harambe.
MK - Columbia Harbour House for sure. DD and I also like Pecos Bill (DH doesn’t).
EP - In FutureWorld it’s got to be Sunshine Seasons. World Showcase is trickier, but if I had to choose just one I think it would be Tangierine Cafe.


At HS, we loved Woodys lunchbox. For both breakfast and lunch/dinner.
MK: BOG and peso Bill’s. And I love the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s corner.
AK: I like satuli canteen, my husband did not


^^ This

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Woody’s Lunch Box - HS
Seasons - The Land / Epcot
Pecos Bills - MK
Flame Tree BBQ - AK

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Being from Phoenix, I’m pretty particular about Mexican food and I was not impressed by Pecos Bill’s when I ate there. Disney can do good Mexican (e.g., Cocina Cucamongo at DCA), so I was surprised it wasn’t very good. To be clear, I’m fine with Americanized Mexican - it doesn’t have to be “authentic” but it needs to be flavorful and served hot and fresh. Maybe I just caught them on a bad day but their tortillas and chips (the staples of good Mexican food) were meh.

You’ve got lots of great suggestions already. But I’ll add my two cents:

HS - Woody’s Lunch box - loaded tochos were great
AK - Satu’li - I only tried the cheeseburger pods - not a fan, I had horrible ribs last time at Flame Tree. My favourites are Harambe, and Yak and Yeti.
MK - Columbia Harbour House, also Caseys - i’m a sucker for plastic cheese and corn dog nuggets
EP - Food & Wine booths - you can’t lose. Outside of that I’ve had good luck at Sunshine Seasons