Top of the World Lounge - Not Blue Card

I am not a blue card member so I am guessing I do not have access to this, correct?

Anyone have any other experiences with it?

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Technically, per the official language no.

But I was able to access as a white card holder staying at BLT in early Dec of 2022. Just my experience. I played dumb and said, yes I am DVC and just showed my member number. I had little kids and just wanted to see the fireworks. But I’m sure some white card members have been turned away.

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As far as I can tell, anyone staying at BLT can now go up to the deck just before the fireworks to watch.

To get into to he lounge itself you are supposed to have the “blue card” but can sometimes get in with a “white card”.


We tried tonight. We could have watched fireworks on the deck (except we were late) but were told we couldn’t enter the lounge because it aid DVC ND not DVC Y in the wallet app.


Oh great info! I am usually only interested in the deck. Were you staying at BLT?

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What is DVC ND?

So no podium by the elevator to check in?

DVC ND - not direct. In other words, resale - and not entitled to benefits of direct owners.

There is typically a podium where they check that - which is where atinsley would have been told they couldn’t get into the lounge, only up to the obs deck


You know, I always assumed this was “No discounts”!