Top 5 rides/atttractions at each park?


MK - Splash, BTMRR, HM, POC, CBJ
EP - Soarin, SE, MS, FEA, LwtL
AK - FOP, KS, EE, NRR, Dino


MK: HM, Buzz, JC, Space, HEA
EP: Soarin’, SE, TT, LWTL, FEA
HS: RNRC, SDD, TSMM, F!, Frozen
AK: FOP, KS, Dinosaur, FOTLK, NRJ


This is tough!

MK: BTMR, Splash, HM, PotC, 7DMT
EP: SSE, Soarin, FEA, TT, RoE
AK: FoP, KS, EE, Dino, MJT


MK: BTMRR, Space M, HM, Meet Ariel, HEA
EP: TT, FEA, Meet Baymax, Soarin’, Soarin’ a second time!
AK: FOP, EE, Dinosaur, KS, PW


AK: Safari, FoP, FotLK, FNtM, and EE.

HS: are there even 5? lol. ToT, RnRC, ST, IJSS, FSS. (yes, I just skipped all of TSL).

EP: Horizons, Journey Into Imagination, Spaceship Earth, The Living Seas, and Body Wars. (That’s my answer, and I’m sticking to it!!!)

MK: SM, Meet Ariel; Meet Tink; IASW, JC.

Yep, I’m definitely an oddball.


I am excited for you!

For me, it’s a giant miss. Wishes spoke to me. HEA doesn’t do anything for me, outside of Tink flying off of the castle. And she did that in Wishes too, so HEA, in and of itself, brought me nothing worthwhile.


I take it this is just for the rides themselves, not for the FP for each ride. There would be a different list for that, IMO. For example, in MK, I would want a FP to Peter Pan, but it wouldn’t make my top 5 rides list.

If it were just the rides, I would say
MK: BTMRR, HM, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Carousel of Progress
AK: KRR, EE, FOP*, It’s tough to be a bug, Safari
EP: Soarin, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, FEA, Eatin’ about 50 Cronuts
HS: RNRC, TOT, SDD, ST, Frozen sing along


MK: BTMRR, HM, Buzz, Splash, IASW
EP: Living with the Land, TT, FEA, Spaceship Earth, FEA again
HS: TSM 3x, Muppets 3D, F!. I don’t like HS. I haven’t ridden SDD, so maybe I’d add that. I’d skip this park if it meant more rides at MK!
AK: KS, FoP (which we haven’t done yet), FotLK, EE, Gorilla Trail.

Bonus: If I could only eat at 1 restaurant per park, I’d pick
MK: Skipper’s Canteen
EP: Tokyo Dining
HS: None. Mickey pretzel?
AK: Yak and Yeti


If I exclude rides I haven’t done yet:

MK: PeopleMover, iasw, POTC, Splash, Crystal Palace (for characters)
EP: SE, LWTL, FEA, Anna & Elsa, Biergarten
HS: Frozen sing-along, TSM, AS2, Disney Jr. breakfast (characters again) (haven’t done SDD, that might be #5)
AK: FotLK, ROL, NRJ, Nemo (want to do FOP and EE so those would probably bump Nemo out)

This was fun! This should be a regular feature…favorite character meets, parades, meals…then folks can refer to it when they are looking for recommendations :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more!


Sorry if I got some abbreviations wrong! These are what I use in my spreadsheets.

MK: Buzz, SDMT, PP, laugh floor (I don’t know what the abbreviation for this is and the one I guessed was not something I wanted to type here), PhilharMagic
Epcot: FEA, Soarin, SE, MS, TT
DHS: SDD, ST, TSMM, ToT, Frozen Sing Along
DAK: FoP, KS, EE, Dinosaur, Nemo


Yes, it’s MILF. We all chuckle about the double meaning but no one takes offense… :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks!


EP: Soarin, SE, TT, FEA, Biergarten dinner show
HS: TSMM, SDD, Muppets 3D, SW Character M&G, Star Wars Fireworks
AK: FoP, KS, Nemo, EE, NRJ


MK: Space, HM, Buzz, BTMRR, 7DMT
EP: SSE, Soarin, TT, UK Pavillion, Germany Pavillion
HS: ToT, TSMM, RnR, ST, pour one out for TGMR
AK: EEx2, FOP, FotLK, Bugs Life


Yeah, I miss Body Wars. I miss that whole pavilion actually.