Top 5 Restaurant Recommendations

We are not doing the dining plan, but would still like to have 1 or 2 really nice sit down dinners or lunches. Do you have a top 5 must eat restaurant list? We like seafood, Asian, and American food. We are not big on the character dining, however if there is one not to be missed, please let me know. This is our first trip and it’s a little overwhelming trying to plan it. Also, any other tips are much appreciated. Thank you!

Exciting to plan a first trip!! For your tastes, it sounds like California Grill would be right up your alley – California-style cuisine, as the name suggests, plus a great sushi menu and a special-occasion atmosphere with great views of MK and FWs. Flying Fish on the Boardwalk is my personal favorite and will fit the bill for seafood.

Welcome. Here’s my list:
California Grill
Cinderella’s royal table
Rose and Crown timed for Illuminations

I second the Biergarten and add Chefs de France for lunch, Liberty Tree Tavern, MM F! package and I also second Sanaa for a lovely experience of visiting AKL. Happy planning.

Here are mine:
Rose and Crown
Liberty Tree Tavern
Whispering Canyon Cafe
1900 Park Fare
And we are going to try the Grand Floridian Cafe on our next trip, which gets lots of love with liners.

  1. Via Napoli
  2. Yachtsman Steakhouse
  3. California Grill
  4. Grand Floridian Cafe
  5. Chef Mickey
  1. Sanaa
  2. California Grill
  3. Teppen Edo
  4. HDDR
  5. Garden Grill

Favorites: Flying Fish, The Wave, Teppan Edo, Hollywood Brown Derby, Sanaa. Don’t live up to the hype: Cali Grill & Le Cellier. Eager to try: Jiko, Citricos, Narcosees, Yachtsman, bluezoo.

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We like to mix up lunch in the parks and evening signature restaurants. For the parks I would do 50s prime time in HS (good wholesome food in a fun atmosphere), and Teppan Edo in. Epcot. My favourite signature restaurants are Cali. Grill and Flying Fish - both excellent with great atmospheres. Last choice would raglan Road in downtown Disney.

My top 5 would be:
Sanaa (Indo-Asian)
Narcoosees (steak AND lobster)
Hoop de doo review
Tangerine cafe

To narrow to 5 is tough. I’ll go with all non signatures to make it easier:
Sci Fi (yep it makes the cut now edging 50’s PT off my list)
Tutto Italia
1900 Park Fare dinner

  1. Ohana
  2. Sanna
  3. Via Napoli
  4. Be Our Guest
  5. Liberty Tree Tavern

In no particular order:
Trails End
Via Napoli
Be our guest (lunch)
Sci Fi
California grill

We are repeating these 5…
Narcoossee’s :two_hearts:
Hoop Dee Doo
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Sci Fi (decent food but incredible atmosphere)
Akershus breakfast (although I wouldn’t recommend unless you have a princess fan)

We love

  1. Ohana
  2. HDDR
  3. Le Cellier
    Have had really good meals at lots of other places, but those are the ones we really like the most.

My top five

  1. Grand Floridian Grill
  2. Yak & Yeti
  3. Kona Café
  4. Ohana
  5. Via Napoli

My top 5 Restaurant would be:

  1. Artist Point! I just love the food there and I also love the atmosphere.
  2. Le Celier. I crave the chedar cheese soup all years round.
  3. Kona Cafe, for breakfast cause I have to have my Kona coffee!
  4. Yak & Yeti.
  5. Ohana!

Flying Fish Cafe - the “chef’s thunder” daily special has never disappointed. The mussels are outstanding and the cheese plate is first-rate.

bluezoo - “simply fish” is just that, well-prepared. The Cantonese sticky lobster is over the top, excellent for sharing.

Citricos - the menu changes frequently, and it’s been better lately than it’s ever been. The wine list with make even a snob happy.

The Wave - a buffet where everything is well-made and fresh. I could eat nothing but the smoked salmon and the fresh tomatoes. OK, the sweet potato pancakes also.

Grand Floridian Cafe - lobster hash and a Bloody Mary in a beautiful room flooded with morning sunlight.

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This is super hard:

Raglan Road
Via Napoli
Le Cellier
Artist Point

I will try this!

  1. Jiko
  2. Sanaa
  3. Kona
  4. BOG
  5. California Grill