Top 3 things to know

Ok - so what are the top 3 (or more) things that I need to know about going to Universal Orlando for the first time. We are staying onside, have early morning / front of the line access so plan on using those as much as possible - but what else do I need to know

  1. Check out the ready-made TPs for UOR, especially the ones that focus on doing both HP areas.
  2. Make your own Personalized TPs and Optimize them for the days you will be there.
  3. Don’t stress out like you would if you were going to WDW - the benefits you get from staying on-site at UOR make touring much easier!
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I’ve only been to Universal once, so others may offer better advice, but things that stood out for me include:

  • the Express Pass isn’t for all rides (notably, the Harry Potter attractions), so factor that in when making plans + rope drop will still be important
  • Universal is much less “bag friendly” than Disney. You can’t bring them on many of the thrill rides, so you may need extra time to drop things in lockers if you can’t leave the backpack, purse, etc. in the car. I believe some roller coasters now don’t even allow phones or anything that might fall out of your pocket.
  • Try to include time just to look and walk around the Harry Potter areas in both parks. I hadn’t seen any of the movies or read any of the books when I visited IoA (I have since), but I still really enjoyed walking the streets and little things like the wand show.
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1 USF will open 30 mins early if IOA has early entry. This is not advertised and denied by TM but happens every day Rides open will be DM and 1/2 other
2 Do DM early even with express pass waits may reach 45 mins.
3 Work out when you are doing the following Hogs express both ways, DM, FJ and Gringotts
4 RRR and Dragons you must put everything in the lockers and have empty pockets. No glasses ( prescription are allowed) no hats no fanny packs no loose change phones. You can keep your lanyard with exp pass an tickets and that’s it. You will be made to leave the ride queue and have to re queue from the beginning again if you don’t comply.
5 Eat a late breakfast/ early lunch at 3 broomsticks around 10.30/11 it is very quiet then.
6 If eating in wwohp then cs meal plan can save you money. You get entrée with drink another drink and snack. Snacks include wwohp ice cream / butter beer and the big pink donut.( Breakfast is $15 and plan is $20) you get 7 days to use all the credits
7 refillable cup programmes are worth looking at 2 to choose from in park only.
8 try to visit DA during day and night it changes!!