Top 3 FPP choices for each park?

Other than the obvious (FOP, 7DMT, SDD), what are your top 3 FFP choices? If you could get each of them at the time you wanted, what time would that be? Assume a trip with one day at each park or your ideal trip your choice. As my FPP day rapidly approaches (I mean January will be here before I know it!:wink:)
For reference, we will not be hopping, but if that’s your ideal trip go for it! The last of this type of thread I could find was 2014, so many changes since then!

MK: BTMR, Splash, 7DMT
EP: Soarin’, nothing else worth having
AK: FOP, nothing else worth having


I hate to disagree with my friend over the pond but…
EP: TT (FEA or Soaring depending on personal preference), mission space and spaceship earth are my 3

AK: FOP, EE, Safari

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In the times we’ve gone in the past, the fast passes didn’t offer a huge advantage over standby…but if it were busy:

MK: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and…I don’t know. Maybe Haunted Mansion?
EP: Soarin’, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After. (I like Mission:Space, but feel that FEA is a better use of time because the lines for Mission:Space aren’t as long…not because we like FEA better or anything.)
HS: Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours…or maybe Toy Story Midway Mania.
AK: Expedition Everest (although lines rarely require a FP). Probably FOP. Never done it, but plan to next trip. And probably Safari, just to save time, not because I love it or anything.

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Well since you said “Other than the obvious (FOP, 7DMT, SDD)”, I will eliminate those 3. I’ll also assume only one tier 1 at AK, EP, HS.

MK: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain (though Peter Pan is my guilty pleasure)
EP: Soarin’ (tier 1). As far as tier 2, LWTL is ok if you’ve never done it. The rest don’t move my needle at all.
HS: TSM (tier 1), Rock N Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror
AK: NRJ (only other tier 1), Kilamanjaro, Everest

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Just out of curiosity, because we haven’t ridden them yet, are SDD and 7DMT (and FEA) that wonderful (for adults) or just must-sees because they’re new? I do intend to get FPP for them but I wonder about doing that on our second day to those parks. My kids are all in their 20’s now but they never have been on TSM because we just didn’t want to use the FPP on it and lose out on ToT and RnR.

My family would vote for:
MK- Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, probably HM vs. BTMR for 3rd place
AK- EE, KS, Dinosaur
EPCOT- TT, Mission Space, Soarin’.

Also curious, I thought more people would mention NRJ, which we also have not seen yet.

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I think SDD & 7DMT are both so popular because they are new. Both are good solid rides, but neither are the most amazing coasters. To some extent I think they are popular because they are popular as much as anything (Yogi Berra would know what I mean:sunglasses:) If you’ve never ridden either, I would try to ride multiple times just so you can get a better feel for how much you really like the ride. A 2nd SDD FP is likely better value than 7DMT as there are so many options at MK.

In July when we were there lines were pretty low for TSM - we were able to ride often while others were in line for SDD and AS2. You should be able to ride it w/o too bad a wait w/o spending your initial Tier 1 FP on it. It was also often available as a 4th FP.

NRJ was better than I expected, but FOP was truly amazing so I don’t think anyone that can ride FOP would pick NRJ over FOP for that single Tier 1 FP at AK.

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MK: BTMRR, HM, & Splash

EP: Test Track, Spaceship Earth, and LWTL (DH’s favorite in all of the parks)

DHS: TSMM (if SDD is off the table), RnRC, ToT

AK: Safari, Everest, Dinosaur (I’m in the 1% of people who dislike FoP because it makes me vomit)

I’m getting nervous about FoP and my stomach. The only Disney ride that ever did me in was Mission Space-before there was an orange/green option. I may try to get a FP towards the end of the day just in case it makes me sick. I don’t want to ruin my day!

Haven’t done SDD, but 7DMT is probably the least exciting of all Disney coasters. Barnstormer is better! But the hype makes the need for a FP to avoid extraordinarily long lines. Queue line and such are cool.

FEA is cool to see, but definitely not worth a long wait. FP can help make the line seem worth it.

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Mission Space is the one ride I will never do again because it made me feel terribly sick. FOP didn’t cause me any problems at all.


Thanks! My family has no idea about hype, and no burning drive to see anything just because it’s new. As I mentioned, they haven’t been on TSM because I didn’t think it was worth trading a FP for, nor worth waiting in line. They didn’t care that I did it on my own while they were off doing something more exciting.

In some ways, they like doing the same rides over and over out of a sense of nostalgia. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how sentimental the kids have become since they left home. I’m certain they’d rather do Space Mountain for the 100th time rather than 7DMT for the second.

Huh. I guess everyone’s inner ear is different.
Nothing makes me queasy, med school beat that right out of me. :sweat_smile: My problem with rides is abrupt changes in vector. MS is pretty smooth in that way. TT, not so much.

DD & I just watched a POV ride on EE. I think she might go on it! She’s an extremely cautious child and a few years ago went on the not-so-kiddie roller coaster at our local zoo/waterpark & was terrified! We haven’t been able to get her on much since then.

Thinking AK FPs-FoP, EE, KS (we love animals and I could go on this multiple times. I’m hoping to do a morning ride and an evening ride).

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There is a point where the yeti appears, so that may be a bit scary, but if she has seen that part, she’ll be prepared. EE is one of my favorite rides and the only “adult” rollercoaster at Disney I can ride, it’s very smooth.

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I’ve only been on it once, pre-kiddo, and remember liking it. We were watching a video on “scariest animatronics” at Disney. I think she old enough to get that these are machines and not real. She’s more concerned about the ride being too fast.

We were able to easily get a 4th fastpass for KS on our AK day. Used our FOP fastpass at about 1 pm and went on the app to see what we could get for after our afternoon break. Had no problem getting a 6:30 fastpass for the safari to use after dinner.