Top 10 Signs You're Still on Disney Time

Liner friends,
I know I owe you guys a trip report, but I’ve been desperately trying to readjust to life in the “real world.” (Meaning my life outside of WDW, not the old MTV reality show).

It has been a lot like coming home from a long trip in another country.

I’ve got reverse culture shock. I’m still on Disney Time.

So, here are the top 10 “signs” that you might be refusing to recognize that you’re not at Disney anymore:

10 - You’re still drinking out of your resort mug. All the time. Water. Coffee. Coke Zero. White Russians.
9 - The theme music for your day alternates between Mouse World Radio and any soundtrack scored by Alan Menken.
8 - For some reason, you still go over to MDE just to take a look for your (no longer existent) ADR’s and FP+ reservations.
7 - You regularly play the this-time-last-week game with your family. “Hey guys, just think, this time last week we were eating lunch at Les Halles Boulangerie."
6 - You’ve googled the recipe for Dole Whips, thinking “just a taste will take me back."
5 - On more than one occasion you’ve tried using your Magic Band to unlock your front door.
4 - Which means that you’re still wearing your Magic Band.
3 - You’ve bored more than one friend in the real world with the details of your trip, including actual wait times: “It was like crowd level 10 day at Magic Kingdom, even though they predicted a crowd level 8 day, and do you know how long we waited for Peter Pan?! Five minutes! On a crowd level 10 day! Can you believe that?! Five minutes! That’s unheard of! … Guys? … Hello? … Where’d you go?"
2 - More than once you’ve considered quitting your job and becoming an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner… or asking @Len if there’s a an open spot for Chief Lapu Lapu Researcher on the TouringPlans staff.
1 - And the top sign that you’re still on Disney time: you’ve already had that conversation with your spouse that ended with, “Wait, let me get this straight: we just got home, and you want to go back when?!"

What am I missing? Anybody else have problems reentering the real world? What are other signs that you might still be on Disney Time?


Fixed a few.
Oh, and #2… that job’s already taken. Sorry :wink:


Another one to add to the list… you catch yourself from asking if the restaurant or store you are at has AP, DVC, or TIW discounts.

And then there’s the problematic one coming back from a Disney cruise… you finish your meal at the restaurant and get up to leave….and then remember that you actually do have to pay the check.


You look check the shoprite and target websites for FPPs for their registers.


Yep. All those sound about right. Home one week as of today sigh. I am listening to Ursula sing right now. :slight_smile:


I knew I liked you! Good choice!


I found myself looking around for dessert after every meal when I got home. I ate my sandwich! Now I need a cupcake! Sadly, there were no cupcakes or Mickey-shaped sweets.


We are guilty of #7 for sure! Except now that we have a countdown, we are going the opposite way… “Did you know that 360 days from now we will be at HS?” or “Do you know where you will be 359 days from now?” :slight_smile:

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You mean you have not presented to you wife how “if we all buy APs we can save a lot of money”?


I’ve been home for almost a month and I still can’t seem to accept the fact that there is no Mousekeeping.


Back to reality for 10 days. Have been guilty of regaling relatives who have been to WDW recently with the predicted and actual crowd levels of our trip. Have informed friends who will be in WDW in 2016 of my favorite meals and what I would not repeat. Have not been able to put away my new found Disney treasures from the trip. Still waking up early enough to make rope drop and then sadly going back to sleep.

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I may be new around here, but from what I understand @MDU - according to your own criteria - you must always be on Disney time. :wink:


Hi, My name is John and I’m still on Disney time.

BTW, Proving item #6 for me, I found you can buy Dole Whip mix online in restaurant sizes. Have contemplated trying to make it in our home ice cream maker.

The small bag yields 72 4oz servings. That should about do it. :wink:


Id like to think ive perfected #3… Figured out how much disney info to spill and to what friends… So I don’t look like a raging disney maniac. Which I am. And this is why I have complete conversations with my pretend friends on lines :slight_smile:
You have to add to the list that you will start drafting up plans for dream disney vacations… It’s a sickness and I love it. Don’t tell anyone.