Top 10 (or 5) Magical Moments

These are all so good! I love reminiscing back on past trips. Mine would have to be in 2010, my DMIL and I took my 2 DD’s on a girl’s only trip. I had made a dinner reservation for Chef Mickey’s and as we approached to check in, the CM told us that we were the family of the day. They threw out the red carpet and Mickey & Minnie came out and took them each by the hand and escorted them to our table. All the while, another CM photographer was snapping pictures like they were the paparazzi. The girl’s got to sign Mickey’s autograph book and we were given a free picture of them that they had taken. The entire encounter had me and my DMIL in tears just watching the excitement on their little faces as they were given this extra pixie dust.

I am not sure if they still do this but it was a moment that we still talk about today. My DD, now 23 still remembers it.


1 DS Dancing with Belle at ETWB.

2 DD joining in enthusiastically with the MISIDIPI Street party. She’s done this on two trips and each time the CMs were truly amazing with her :heart:

3 Hugging Baloo :star_struck: On most M&Gs I’m really just there for the kids, but I HAD to cuddle Baloo myself.

4 Meeting King Louie (Same M&G as above). DS was wearing a Jungle Book T-Shirt that had Louie on it and Louie made such a big deal of it. He was down on his knees doing the whole Wayne’s World ‘We’re Not Worthy’ thing and it was hilarious.

5 M&G with Buzz and Woody. Woody tried to interact with DS, but DS just went straight to posing for a photo and hilarity ensued. We were with them for ages. The folks in the line behind us must’ve hated us :grimacing::rofl:

6 First time DS met Goofy (his favourite). He had a thing about cuddling feet back then, and as Goofy approached, DS dropped down and hugged Goofy’s big feet :rofl::rofl::rofl: The things those characters must have to put up with!!! :flushed::flushed::rofl:


I think I remember that. I seem to recall lots of Mayan/Inca statue type carvings or stuff that looked a bit Indiana Jonesy :thinking::thinking:

  1. Getting picked to sit in one of the contestant seats in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show at HS (2003), and then winning a fastest fingers question and making it up to the hot seat. (This was followed by my most embarrassing moment at WDW when I got eliminated on question 2, haha.)

  2. On our first trip back after a decade, eating breakfast by a snowy window in BOG. My husband looked over at me and started crying because Disney was “taking care of me” by bringing me allergy-friendly pastries and modifying things to make them safe for me.

  3. Seeing my husband tear up at the end of HEA (he’s a crier) every time we watched it.

  4. Meeting Ariel for the first time, as an adult wearing a mermaid tank and mermaid ears. She talked to me about Flounder and dinglehoppers as if I were a 5-year-old and I freaking loved it.

  5. Getting a surprise upgrade at Christmas 2020 from a studio to a one-bedroom unit at Saratoga Springs. Because the parks closed earlier at this point in the pandemic and we were in the room more often, it was fabulous to have more hotel space (cough cough, distance from the cranky teen). Those units are beautiful.

  6. Taking a solo 36-hour trip last November to attend a Christmas party and sitting on Main Street watching a parade at night with snow falling. It was magical.

  7. Watching Merida spot a little girl with curly, red hair during that parade and excitedly wave her down to point out that they had the same hair. The little girl’s face lit up and I teared up.

  8. Sitting on the hub grass with my husband last October after the park closed and just watching the castle lights and some kids take a billion selfies. Then watching my husband imitate the kids taking selfies, lol.

  9. In December, eating my first meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It had been a cold, wet start to our trip, and I saw a last-minute ADR for CRT and snagged it as an attempt to give us a break from the rain and hopefully reset our attitudes. Being inside the castle felt pretty royal and magical, and I even got an amazing dessert (AKA a non-sorbet dessert, a rarity even at WDW if you’re both gluten and dairy-free).

  10. For Christmas DD19 and I got my sister a Donald NuiMOs and took pictures of him (and Daisy) all around the parks and resorts. We had a blast trying to figure out where and how to pose them.


We were family of the day at Beaches and Cream a few years ago. It was significantly less exciting than yours, the staff just clapped as we walked in!


Your number 4 just reminded me of when I wore my Chip and Dale top to GG, they both got really excited and one of them danced with me. I can’t remember which now.


Those guys are always a hoot too :brown_heart::brown_heart:

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Yes they are fab!

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-10. We arrive and they throw a parade - during our first family trip in 2010, this happened more than once. One could argue that it was related to our post-nap-break timing return to park, but we think they were just happy to see us. We stepped onto Main Street and the parade came around the corner. Magical.

-9. “Ring-side” seats at FOTLK - during our family trip celebrating my DH’s 40th birthday (gosh that was a minute ago by now) we were gathered in what is now Pandora by Camp Mickey Minnie waiting for entry to the theatre. A CM saw his birthday button and said, “Follow me, please.” We weren’t sure what was happening - we were yet naive to magic that sometimes happens when you wear a birthday button - but she escorted us past all the people and into the (still empty) theatre where we were given front-row seats to the show and throughout we enjoyed a lot of interaction with the cast and show. Everyone knows I love AK, but this might have been what made me fall so deeply in love with FOTLK

-8. An unexpected room upgrade - we had stayed at AKL-Jambo a few times already and knew we liked this one particular wing when not staying in a savanna room because it is right next to the bus stop. We put in a room request to be in that wing in a standard view room as we had paid for. On arrival, we were gifted with a pool view room in that same wing! The only upgrade we have ever received :slight_smile:

-7. A great last second fireworks spot - My kids have not always been huge fireworks fans in general. I, a nearly fourth of July baby, have a deep love for them. When they were finally old enough that we didn’t have to miss them, I sneakily managed to keep them in the park until, oops, the fireworks are starting we may as well stay! Under the guise of trying to exit before they began, I wound our way through the walkway by Adventureland and past Crystal Palace. It was almost impossible to keep going (oh darn) so we snagged a spot near a stand of trees right in front of the baby care center. Aside from the odd parent with the kid on the shoulders, it was a perfect spot and we didn’t camp out all night waiting for it. Also? My kids fell in love with the show and it became a must do for them too!

-6. It’s Mom’s 40th - Let’s Focus On Her! – we had the best CM at one of our farewell dinners at Chef Mickeys during the trip that was celebrating my 40th birthday. She was great anyway but once she learned it was my birthday she doted on me to the extreme. A complimentary dessert, a special mention to Minnie Mouse, and just a general mom-to-mom-I-see-you vibe that made me feel like Queen For A Day. I still think of her whenever we are at or near Chef Mickey’s!

-5. Imaginary Friends Become Real - I have so many friends in my life that I simply would not know if not for Disney. Those of you who have met others “IRL” probably get how weird it is to those who have not. But real relationships have come about because of a shared passion for the Mouse and his Bubble and if that ain’t magic I don’t know what is. Every single time I have the privilege to meet a new friend “IRL” with whom I’ve developed a friendship outside of the parks it just makes my heart grow! And that’s true regardless of the interaction: a quick hello outside of Splash Mountain on the way to get Dole Whips, drinks at the Sacred Spaces, a “kidnapping” outside of the Rat Ride, watching a parade together at a DVC kiosk, or a lengthier meetup in the CR lobby. I love adding “reals” to my life!! I haven’t yet met a single person who isn’t completely fantastic - different as they all are - and I am so fortunate to know them all! Yes, that means you, too :heart:

-4. Transportation Cards - my son was at one point really into collecting the Transportation Cards. He asked every single Transportation CM he encountered that year and they were always very pleasant and happy to give them one if they had one. He got a wooden one from a ferry operator which was wicked special! None of them ever considered him bothering them or being a pest (even though I was worried he might be) and many of them asked what he already had so that they could avoid giving him duplicates where possible!

-3. The Boy Is A Beast - My son gets picked for everything. Literally everything and while I think it’s pretty awesome, it drives his sister crazy LOL. Probably my favorite time he was picked for a thing was when he was chosen to be Beast in Enchanted Tales with Belle. He was already deeply in love with that princess by then, and when he danced with her at the end of the skit you could see it all over his face. It’s one of my favorite pics of him at WDW ever. I hope he finds a real princess (or prince!) to share his life with someday and looks at them with that same look on his face!

-2. SeaRaycers With My Best Girl - One of the most fun things I’ve ever done at WDW was to rent a SeaRaycer at the Poly with my DD. She was only 14 then, but she was thus old enough to drive it and so after I had a turn we stopped at Ft Wilderness to swap places. It was one of the first times I really had this enormous sense of that she was becoming a young lady and would be doing All The Things soon and I was just so proud of her and happy to have that 1:1 time with her. It became a memory I clung to during some darker days for her that followed a year or so later, and I was always so happy to have that magical moment to look back on. (She’s all good now - 100% acceptance rate to colleges at which she applied, excelling at school and in her dance studio, and working part time too!)

-1. Cinderella steals our hearts and guarantees we would become lifers. MSEP was the first WDW parade my kids ever saw which I loved already because it had also been my first WDW parade way back in 1985. My daughter, then 5, had procured a plush Cinderella doll that same day. Ugly thing, honestly, but she loved it. As Cinderella passed by in the hub, Julia held that plush doll way up in the air and shook it all around jumping about and generally expressing extreme excitement. Cinderella points right at her, says (as I read her lips) “I love your doll!!” Julia turns around BEYOND excited and says, “Mama! She said she loves my doll! She said she loves my doll!” And I started crying over this magical moment and I’m pretty sure I started planning our next trip that very moment. It was for sure the moment that “sealed the deal” for us and is one I’ll never forget!

Longtime readers please note that I did not let the Forum gods win with this list :wink:


And so it became your Tree!



Deal-sealer right there (see #1 on my list for the reference)

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On my list too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Seeing my lil buddy’s eyes light up when he found out he could actually drive the car at Speedway.

EMM at Hollyweird, me and my lil buddy on Star Tours, front and center, the only 2 people in the theater.

HDDR - server very politely asked if would like another loaf of cornbread, then slammed it down on the plate with metal tongs. The clang reverberated throughout the room, and heads turned 5 tables away. My son laughed so hard he couldn’t breathe. Literally the memory of a lifetime. Never seen him laugh that hard.

Emm at Hollyweird again - TSMM 5, 6,7 times in a row without getting off.

EMM at Hollyweird again - Buzz and Woody literally grabbing us off the walkway and pulling us into a meet and greet.

Trip # 2 - Finally talked my son into TOT for the first time. He lost his MIND, and I think we did it 13 or 14 times on that trip, and also everyone learned how easy it was to get Fastpasses for just about anything in just a few minutes. :pleading_face:

Anytime we get the bill at Kimonos. That’s magical.

Seeing my son’s jaw drop when we told him and his CM assistant to build the best lightsaber he possibly could without worrying about price, and the CM 100% taking the reigns. That plastic thing cost a small fortune, but it’s still one of his prized posessions.

My number 1 will always be sitting on the cement wall next to Aladdin’s Carpets with a Pineapple Float from Aloha Isle. I’m a simple guy.


It would be entertaining if they also sprayed the family of the day with a can (a whole can!) of whip cream.

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Oh, I like this thread! Thanks for starting it, happy is always BEST!

  • Babies napping in quiet spots around the parks mid day: CoP (exit after nap, FTBBQ etc.)
  • Mother Daughter Trip, just us girls
  • Mother Son spring break trip w/ no sibling competition and getting to ride all his favorites… Same trip running around at 2 am in MK riding all the things.
  • Cold fried chicken picnic on Tom Sawyer’s Island at Polly’s
  • Watching teenage son blush, at CRT, when Snow White said, “My you’re tall!”
  • Watching preschool son, at CRT, close his eyes in earnest to make his wish w/ the star
  • Playing tag w/ our kids in Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area
  • Playing cards w/ DH at a picnic table in GC (QS spot) at Christmas time
  • DD-tween being picked by HS citizens to participate in hula-hoop contests and winning
  • Being interviewed by HS citizens
  • Riding WDW busses when the drivers told stories and shared tips and trivia while driving
  • Being selected to ask the monster a question in M.Inc. Laugh Floor and he couldn’t answer it :rofl:

Why do you call it this through your whole post?

We have had a ton of magical moments, mostly prepandemic. It’s hard to rank them. DH and I were sung to by a quartet that used to sing before Beauty and the Beast in HS in our honeymoon. We also got balloons and a signed picture from Mickey and Minnie in our hotel room. We got a special treat at just about every restaurant on that trip, including Cinderella champagne glasses at CRT. On our trips as a family, my twins were sung to for their birthday in HS, we were Family of the day at GG, 2 of my kids have been the rebel spy, Jedi Training, my youngest meeting Pluto, riding Star Tours by ourselves as a family, being the first to see Woody and Buzz and walking back with them through their queue, and I could go on.

One of my favorite memories when I went as a teen with my sisters and parents was when we explored Innovations. My sister and I found a computer that allowed you to make your own song. We found the most annoying sounds on it and drove my mother nuts. My dad thought it was hilarious. I miss some of the things that used to be in Epcot from that time, especially the Wonders of Life pavilion. I was so sad it was gone by the time we went on our honeymoon.


Good thing Chapek wasn’t playing Undercover Boss that day as the CM. You would likely have had to refinance your home!


My brain has issues. I just love calling it Hollyweird. That is easily my favorite park because of all of the strange experiences we’ve had there - probably because it’s the one we spend the most time at.


Sweet :heartpulse:
I hope to meet some liners IRL one day.