Tool (or tips) for Campsite Reservations

Hi, does anyone know of a search tool similar to the dining reservations tool here, for getting a Fort Wilderness campsite reservation. They fill up fast and it is always hit and miss in getting one for us. It would be cool to put in a date or date range and get a text when (a cancellation happens) and one opens up.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve wished for this in general and noticed that the campgrounds do tend to book quickly. I am curious to see if this changes as WDW closes some FPP loopholes. I think the campsites were one of the most popular choices for people who chose to book and hold a reservation just to access the 60 day FPP window. Now that regulation on that is increasing, hopefully that will help ensure the sites are booked by those who really plan to use them.

I know there is not a ton of info on this forum about camping. You might check the fort fiends forum - they were really helpful to me when I stayed there in 2017.