Too soon?

For my last two trips I stayed at a friend’s house and they let me use their supplies. They had an amazing sunscreen which I really liked.

It sprays on, isn’t greasy and lasts all day — no need to reapply.

Next year I’m staying on-property so I’ll need my own supplies. They don’t sell that one in the UK, but I just found this on Amazon and now it’s on its way.

238 days to go and I have my first packing item purchased.

Too soon?

(And SPF 85 — too much, lol?)


Don’t open it when you get it, because it will have a shelf life when opened.


I saw a lot of people using the spray sunscreen unsafely last week. Make sure you don’t breathe in any of that stuff !!!

A lot of people spray their kids right in the face or make a huge cloud around them. They should see what I see it doing to lungs in my microscope (I’m a pathologist)…


My favorite sunscreen and they also have a new misting bottle that is so much easier to work (and reach tough to reach places!). I often stock up when I think of things rather than waiting until the end because by then, I would have forgotten about it!

Used the new misting bottle in Hawaii and loved it. So great to be able to spray my back without contorting myself.

It’s never too early to start preparing for the next trip!

I use the Australian Gold spray - absolutely brilliant; dries instantly, lasts all day and smells nice too. I always apply it after my morning shower; one of my pet peeves is people who spray themselves/their kids in the parks with lots of people around. The trip before last, a woman managed to spray our DD straight in the face as we walked past (middle of Main St, MK) and didn’t bother to apologize even after I pointed it out… :angry: We had to divert to the nearest restroom to rinse her eyes with cold water.

I love the “Allure” label. That’s a women’s fashion magazine here. Neutrogena is usually good stuff though.

I always feel like I’m wasting it by cloud application, so I just spray it in my hand and rub it on.

Which I kind of felt silly about since it defeats the purpose of it being a spray, but now I feel better since I can say my technique helps me follow a pathologist’s advice. :slight_smile:


Me I just buy the non-spray version but spray is OK too if applied in small amounts far from the face. Which means one needs the non-spray version for the face or use your technique. Which both defeat the purpose of the spray LOL :crazy_face:

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yes, this. Sunscreen is generally good for 3 years. Obvi don’t use it if the stated expiration date has passed. Store it in a cool place, as heat makes it spoil quicker. If it does not have an expiry date, trust your instincts. If it smells bad or looks funny, don’t use it.

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I’m not sure of the shelf life, but I too love this sunscreen. I buy the wet skin kids version and it really does stay on well and apply well to wet skin, doesn’t irritate their skin and eyes and lasts for a long time before you need to reapply, and my kids are fair skinned with blue eyes

We only use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide sunscreens. Anything else is unhealthy and breaks down in the sun into carcinogenic substances. The FDA is considering labling changes.

We use Badger branded stuff usually.

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So, they’re okay as long as I don’t use them in the sun? That seems like a critical design flaw…

Yes. Exactly. But it is what everyone uses because it is most convenient.

I should point out that they break down intentionally. It is how they block the UV Rays. But when they break, the chemicals that remain have the potential to cause skin cancer! Longer term studies have convinced FDA to make labeling changes. Only Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are considered safe, but people don’t like how they whiten you. Badger brand sells tinted versions to minimize the effect. And we have found that one application of it lasts all day for the most part.

Well, still a design flaw. Too much sun exposure will cause skin cancer, so be sure to use sunscreen. Oops, that will cause cancer.

Is it EVER too soon to shop for a Disney trip?

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Yes. Agreed. But to be fair, they didn’t know that would happen when they first developed those chemicals. (there are four main ones commonly used)