Too scary for MNSSHP?

For the last 2 years we have attended MNSSHP and dressed up in Disney-themed costumes (Alice in Wonderland theme year 1, Peter Pan theme year 2). This year my husband said he wants to do a Star Wars theme, specifically the Phantom Menace, and he wants to be Darth Maul. The face mask he wants to order is very realistic (I tried to post the link but the forum says "new users can't post links" :/) Do you think this would be too scary? Would they even let him in with this mask on? Thanks in advance for the advice!

I don't think masks are allowed.

I read the "Know before you go" section on the website and it didn't say specifically that masks were prohibited. Only mentioned that guests' eyes must be visible at all times.

Oh maybe it's ok then. I don't remember seeing anyone too scary in 2011. Would have noticed too bc we were traveling with my young children. Was mostly fun types of costumes.

I didn't read the "know before u go' page my 5 yr old wants to be yoda and it does have a little mask hope its ok! Already ordered it