TOO Much? opinions needed

I have DAH AK scheduled, but really want to do Tiffins and squeeze in stuff not available during DAH on same day.

Do you think it’s just too long a day to do Tiffins at 2:30, safari and FOTLK and other things and stay for DAH - that would be like 9 hours at AK? Or break it up and do Tiffins later (before start of DAH) and then do a 2nd ak day for stuff not available during DAH ?

I know you all don’t have opinions :wink: FPP day coming up

That sounds like a really great day! Assuming not rope drop but late arrival for Tiffins like you said? Then you will have plenty of energy left for DAH.


but would you go at 2:30 and do non DAH stuff plus tiffins or go later and just do Tiffins and then DAH?

I would do tiffins and all of the stuff not offered during DAH and save the rides offered during DAHs for AH time. U can roll into the park a bit later, without having to worry about RDing anything. I think maybe get there an hour b4 tiffins and squeeze in a bit. Dont think thats a long day at all!

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Hi @bethro23 i’m with you on figuring this out,

Is your reason to do DAH to get easy or multiple FoP? I feel that any and everything else AK is completely doable without DAH. And DAH entails sad downsides for what makes AK fun like KS. What are your goals/must haves?


Non DAH stuff and Tiffins. FotLK then sunset KS would probably be an awesome way to lead in to the ticketed event since I think all of Africa is basically closed during DAH, and KS at the end of the day is a great experience (i.e. I don’t think you are compromising anything by doing those things at that timeframe rather than coming back a different day and doing them earlier, and I don’t think 9 hours total is too long).

I assume you aren’t going with small kids. If you are, I think the toughest thing for them will be staying out late regardless of how long you are in the park beforehand.

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I agree, but, even little, my kids could hang till 10. But im sure bc of all the animals in Africa area, its all closed off late. They gotta get there rest too.

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We arrived before RD 7:40am and stayed until after our 7:10pm FOP FP. There was plenty to do and we just paced ourselves. I say your day sounds great. Perfect, actually, because you’ll have time to do all the things that are closed for DAH, then be able to concentrate on the rest in the evening. Go for it.

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this sounds like a great day (and long but very much doable)! :grinning:

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No small kids…just the opposite. DH and I in our early 60s…hoping we can still hang

goals: that’s what I need to figure out before next Tuesday :slight_smile:
ETA: And i can’t believe I’m using the word goals in the context of a vacay - but alas WDW is really not a vacay to relax. I think I am going to go ahead and arrive at AK at 2:30 and stay as long as I can into DAH, until I change my mind AGAIN. I’ll play it by ear and see where we are (it’s mid vacay)