Too much MK? Should we change some dining options on dining plan?

I have planned for a LOT of days at MK, but we are staying close by at Wilderness Lodge and have park hoppers. Our group consists of DH, DS6, DS2, and me; so my thinking is that they will enjoy lots of time at MK. However, I worry that we won’t get that Jedi Academy spot DS6 is coveting. Should I schedule more HS rope drop days, just in case we don’t get the Jedi Training Academy spot? I really could use any suggestions on if I should change some of our park days or dining reservations. The Crystal Palace is one I booked because a friend said the photo op alone (before everyone else gets in) is worth it; I haven’t heard one way or the other if it is good or not. It doesn’t really seem like a great value on the dining plan… Please help this wishy washy mom out!

This is what we have planned:

-MK on arrival day to do SDMT at dark (a bucket list item for me and DS6)-no dining ressies
-MK a.m. to take advantage of EMH, break at WL for lunch and pool time, then to HS to eat at Hollywood and Vine with Jedi Mickey and gang. Fast passes made for HS
-MK for 8:10 reservation at Crystal Palace before park opening and enjoy the rest of the day there or head over to Epcot that p.m.?
-Hollywood Studios rope drop to try for Jedi Training Academy (my son’s main request for this trip), leave by 4:00 for dinner at O’hana
-A.K. for EMH, then back to WL for rest, then off to Epcot for FP+ reservations for Soarin’ and more fun
-Back to MK with Chef Mickey reservation at 8:10 and BOG at 4:15

One day at MK - and sometimes a second AM - about does it for me at MK, but I don’t have kids. If you’re worried about getting JTA, a back-up might be if you don’t get it the first day, you could do RD at DHS on your second EP day and try to get it then…

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Also note that if it is raining around the time of your JTA, it will be cancelled. We had no backup, and this happened to my son who is also 6. He was pretty inconsolable. They offered him a fast pass to Star Tours, but I didn’t think he’d be okay on that ride. If it’s an absolute must and the weather looks like it might rain, my advice is to have a backup. I was sorry that we didn’t. It only rained for a total of 15 minutes, but enough to cancel that slot.

Thank you both for your replies concerning JTA. I think we may just skip those EMH for MK and head to HS instead. This is DS6’s third trip, so we have done almost everything of value at MK before except Splash Mountain, Philarmagic and The Great Goofini, which are all on our list this time. I am torn about missing EMH at MK, but I think DS6 might enjoy his trip better (and thus the rest of the family will too) if he gets to do JTA early on. He isn’t a complainer or whiner, but I worry he won’t be as up beat until we do JTA. I didn’t even consider it possibly getting rained out. So, day 2 should maybe be HS all day so we can rope drop and try for JTA.

Any suggestions on dining choices? I have considered canceling the Crystal Palace pre rope drop breakfast and going to T-Rex one night or just paying for CP out of pocket for breakfast.

We usually do quick serves at mk but did do a morning breakfast t CP a few years ago… Ds was 3 at the time… He loved it!!! I think it’s a one time thing but it was worth it! I still have a pic of him getting basically smothered by piglet! The food was pretty good too! He’s my tip if you do go… Ask for you check when you sit down and get drinks… That way you won’t have to wait at the end of the meal and can take off to ride rides! My ds also enjoyed trex but I think CP one mornin would be fun for your boys!!! Have a great trip! :slight_smile:

Regarding T-Rex, it will come down to how well DS handles a lot of sensory stimulation. It’s LOUD, has lighting effects, and of course, dinosaurs.

@rachaelmac22 Thank you so much for that tip. I have never thought to do that. We had a pre-rope drop at Hollywood & Vine once but we ended up getting into the parks almost an hour after the rope dropped. That buffet breakfast was almost a two hour ordeal and I would say 45 minutes of that was spent waiting on our check and for Jake to come around. That was a very slow character experience, but the kids loved it.
@bswan26 We have been to T-Rex before and the kids loved it so much. They sat us in the blue room and it was really cool. Thank God my kids don’t have any sensory issues, because I completely agree with you; that place is super LOUD!

It really is the single most important thing I’ve learned as a liner!!! :slight_smile: