Too much going on? (HEA)

A couple nights ago, my wife found a YouTube video someone posted of the HEA fireworks as seen from the Garden plaza. While the view was nice, I have to admit, I was overall unimpressed with the show for one very specific reason: There is WAY too much going on! I frankly couldn’t follow any of it. Fireworks going off while projection mapping is going on. By the time I would figure out what the projection mapping was showing, it would switch scenes or there’d be more fireworks going off simultaneously with the projection mapping. It was visual overload. And this was on a little screen. I can only imagine how much harder it would be to follow in person where you have to actually move your head to follow everything.

It makes me wonder why Disney doesn’t separate the two…fireworks after the Projection mapping show, rather than simultaneous to it.

Am I the only crazy one?

Now, two years ago when we were there in person to watch the castle/fireworks show I found it more frustrating than anythings. Crowds were a nightmare, and despite the fact that found our spot an hour and a half before the show, about 5 minutes before the show a group of tall folks stood in front of us so that my wife (who is only 5 ft tall) could no longer see. All that hard work to make sure we had a good view was for nothing in her case. People were rude, shoving. And when I tried to join my family (after walking away briefly, the crowd at first refused to let me back in to be next to my wife. I had to shove my way in.


I’d rather the fireworks show be focused on the fireworks, not the projections, and the projection mapping show be focused on the projections, not the fireworks.

HEA just doesn’t work for me.

We agree. Our opinions here are not popular, so we’ve kept quiet :slightly_smiling_face:, but we miss Wishes. I do agree that visually, HEA is technically brilliant. It just doesn’t provoke any feelings with us. We think that Wishes told more of a story, and my kids are late teens now, so Wishes had more of the traditional characters that they were familiar with. I wish they would alternate shows, but I guess it is out with the old and in with the new. (But alas, we are old :laughing:.) This trip, we plan to ride during HEA instead of fighting the crowds and people who insist on putting their older children (not babies) up on their shoulders. LOL.

We watched from near Gaston’s Tavern so we couldn’t see the projections and my 6 year old was still out of her mind trying to figure out which way to look. Like, jumping around like a maniac frog. It was a lot. At least there was room for her to do it in that space.

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We loved HEA (but it has been 30 years since seeing wishes). I do hate when parents put kids on their shoulders. At least hold them on your hip, so the people behind you can have a shot at seeing.

This is the reason that I gave up on watching “Wishes”, live, years ago. Having never seen HEA live yet, I will no doubt watch it on my next trip, but I will do a dessert party that “may” eliminate some of the crowd issues.

I’ve watched HEA on YouTube and I have to say that it really intrigues me; I’m looking forward to seeing it live.

I’ll voice an even more unpopular opinion… I never liked Wishes; I think it is one of the weakest fireworks shows that Disney launched. So many people said that it choked them up and made them teary-eyed. Me? Nothing. But the “Remember” show at DL gave me goose bumps every time I saw it (and I never missed it if I was in DL). But art is very subjective…

100% agree. I was NOT a fan and am now permanently calling it “Not Wishes”.

Way too much going on. Music jumps and cuts do not make sense.

It irks me even more because as I understand it Once Upon a Time is a projection show, so I do not see the need to clutter a fireworks show with projections.

The only positive is now I can take advantage of shorter waits while people are gaping at the ADHD-dream show.

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