Too much food?

Saw a few posts on chat that indicated two table service meals in one day would be too much food. We will be at WDW for five days, three in the parks, an arrival and departure day. Our plan is as follows:

Arrival day @ pool, QS meal

MK day, 2 QS meals (want to be “free” to do a lot of rides/attractions)

AK day, lunch @ Sanaa @ 11:30, leave park around 3:00, dinner @ Akershus @ 4:55

MK day, late breakfast @ Crystal Palace @ 10:30, leave park around 4:00, dinner @ Via Napoli @ 6:00

Departure day, DD, lunch @ WPE.

Not worried about the amount of time or the cost, just the amount of food.

If you’re a family that has some restraint and you won’t gorge, 2 TS per day should be fine. Also, it’s only 2 days of 2 TS per day, not 6 days in a row. The only issue I might raise with that schedule is that it involves a lot of travel, especially heading out to Sanaa and back mid-day. Having said that, manageable if you have your own car and will be staying at an Epcot resort near International Gateway.
It’s a very nice restaurant line-up you have… I’m rather jealous. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! We will have a car and are staying at CBR.

So will you stop by CBR en route to your suppers at Epcot? That may be a little tight. But if heading straight to Epcot from first park should be okay. Will be a pain to hike the whole way back to VN after walking-intensive AK… but at least you’ll be hungry for supper.

The MK day seems pretty feasible. But, yes, you’re looking at a lot of food from the buffets. If you’re not on the dining plan, you can share meals or just order appetizers at the non-buffets and cut down on the amount of food.

Just a matter of logistics, Sanaa is at Kidani Village and requires you to leave AK. You’ll be needing to leave the park no later than 11 to make that 11:30 ADR. Then you’ll return to the park for a short time, then head to Epcot. Now, I love love love Sanaa but you won’t be back to AK until close to 1 if you keep that reservation. Not trying to talk you out of it, but, you’re going to spend a lot of time in transit & eating rather than touring the parks. Just depends on what your goals are.

Who’s in your party? That is a major factor. Are there children hoping to meet all the princesses in one place? Are there adventurous eaters? Do you have your own car?

Time flies at Disney…before you know it, you’re eating again! Your days will be somewhat dominated by your dining plans. But that may be ok!

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I would say that 90% of the days I spend in WDW I have 2 TS meals. I don’t always have apps, and I rarely have dessert, but, especially on vacation, I just really prefer table service for dining.

I would say if you are leaving AKto just get the bread service from Sanaa, you would be ok but a full meal would be a lot. Also, I think after an all you can eat buffet ( that most likely you will not finish until 12:00- be prepared to eat light at Via Napoli

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It really depends on your appetite. Also, if you are prepared to just eat light at some of the meals, and if you are doing it more for the atmosphere and to have a break, I think it works fine. I am very into food and eating, and I tend to want to try everything, so I end up feeling very full a lot of the time, but that’s my own fault. Also, I often feel compelled to try and eat extra at a buffet or family meal in order to “get my money’s worth.” That is not a healthy impulse, but probably not uncommon. Try to resist that urge, if you have it, and you will be fine.

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when we were there for a week and a half we did one table service every day (most were buffet), and were so stuffed that we ate hardly anything else. towards the end we were still too full to eat much at the table service meals. you may have too much food, but for two days it probably won’t be that bad.

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