Too many princess meals?

Hi Liners,

I was able to book my ADRs a few weeks ago for our June trip and then yesterday went and added CRT so I’m worried about too many princess meals. The trip will be me, DH and DD6. Our other trip was Oct. 2015.

She loves meeting characters even if she gets shy. She still swoons over her autograph book and shows it to every visitor at our house. She loves princesses. But I’m afraid that she will notice that maybe the friends are different. She is quite observant.

On our arrival night, we are doing 1900 PF because I’ve read so much about what a hoot the Tremaines are. The next day is MK and followed by AK.

Our third park day is EPCOT. I scheduled an 8:00 PPO breakfast at GG to try and get to Soarin’ early and a 12:30 pm Akershus lunch hoping to get a FEA fastpass when the time comes.

The next morning is our CRT breakfast at 8:05 am.

I’m thinking about dropping the Akershus lunch so if we are engaged with something else, we won’t have to stop to get over to Norway. Plus I’m worried about if the same princesses are at CRT and Akershus she will know the friend may be different. And she’s going to get to dine with princesses the next day at our second MK day.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you so much.

I think dropping Akershus is a good idea. (I love the breakfast but the lunch/dinner leaves much to be desired IMHO). Your reasoning is very good. Plus, you’ll still be pretty full from the GG breakfast. Two table services in a row might be a bit much, both in food intake and time needed.


Thank you for making me feel better about dropping Akershus. I agree that two table services in a row seems like a lot.

Have a great day!

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Never have done Akershus so I’m no help with that one. Just did 1900PF in Nov for the first time and I was very disappointed. The step sisters were a no show and there was no replacement for them. The others were not as interactive as I expected. Just my experience. I’m sure others feel differently. It was one of the TS I was looking most forward for and I was the most disappointed. Good luck! I’m sure your DD will have a blast!

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We were pretty full after our 8ish GG breakfast and probably wouldn’t have eaten much at a 12:30 Akershus lunch. On my next trip I would do GG breakfast and CRT and do more meet and greets to get the balance of the princesses. If you want to go to Akershus as well you could change it to a dinner. I haven’t done 1900 PF, but our personal preference is table service over a buffet.

My DD 5 1/2 is usually quite observant, and didn’t comment on the the friends being different.

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The step sisters weren’t there for us either, we had Suzy (one of the mice). Lady Tremaine was still very funny and interactive though.

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We did CRT and Akershus both couple years ago, and it was overkill for my daughter, then DD4, who would have been fine with just one, plus maybe a FP+ to see a couple more @ princess viewing place. Depends how Princess-mad you kiddo is.

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I agree that dropping Akershus is a good idea- you’ll be too full from GG. There were some overlaps of princesses between the 2 princess meals. I think the 5 princesses you’ll see at CRT will be plenty. If you are dying to meet the stepsisters and they don’t show at the meal in Grand Floridian, they are available at times in the France Pavillon. We had breakfast at Les Halles one morning and were happily surprised to see them in France. It wasn’t crowded yet since it was before the rest of the World opened. They were awesome with my DD7 and DS4.

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That’s great to know about their meet in France!