Too many parties at WDW?

With the new MNSSHP Dessert Party just announced, I am starting to wonder what people think about all these new special, hard ticket events. With events for Villains, Star Wars, Food and Wine, Wishes, Illuminations, MNSSHP, MVMCP and more, how much is too much? What do you all think about this? I'm looking for some opinions for a story I'm writing.

Some parties I don't mind. But if you are going to spend extra money I don't expect to be packed in.

It seems like the villains party was poorly planned, the park could have handled the amount of people, but Disney was not able to predict where people wanted to go. They did not expect so many people trying for rare autographs and picture opportunities. They also misjudged how many people would go after the special food. From what I have heard it seems like they oversold the event, so selling less tickets would be good.

Any event that is a once time event or a once a year event will have people flocking to it. They should have more of the event, not as many as MNNSHP, and I also feel it should go on during Halloween, to take some of the pressure off MNSSHP in the MK.

As to the $99 desert party at CRT during MNSSHP it seems over the top. I have no interest in it. I will be doing MNSSHP for the first time this year and it seems as if there is already enough to do during the party, that I don't need to have another event, one that I have to pay a lot of money for, during MNSSHP.

But I stress these are just my opinions.


If the parties are selling, I have no problem with them, until they take away from the average guest value. Closing a park early a few nights a week during the off season doesn't rise to that, but if they have taken away the few table areas at F&W for these premium packages, that's an issue.

Issue with hard tickets at DHS: the park's full capacity is less than what they can do for MNSSHP or MVMCP.


We haven't been to WDW enough times to even consider doing any of the larger parties yet. Regular park admission gives us plenty to do at this point. I'll probably be more interested in a few years after we've experienced all of the regular events and attractions multiple times. I can see adding a Halloween or Christmas party to a longer trip on a day without regular park admission. We'd be more likely to start with something established like that rather than the top-of-the-line, something-different parties like Harambe Nights or Frozen Premium.

I'm going to be at WDW during Food & Wine and feel like there's plenty to eat and experience without paying extra for any of the special events. I would probably feel differently if I went to F&W year after year. I think I would feel the same about Star Wars Weekends or Frozen Summer. If I went on those days, I'd focus on the "included" special events before adding any extras.

I do like the parties that are kind of like an ADR - like the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party. Those feel like a nice extra with good value. I don't mind paying extra for food or an experience that takes the place of a meal.

I think what will get people about this new one is that it's effectively a hard ticket event inside a hard tickets event.

I agree with @Jedilogray here, as it has no impact on what we intend to do at MNSSHP I don't really care. I think as long as people are prepared to pay for these kind of VIP packages, then Disney will continue to offer them.

I will be interested to see how much value people who have purchased them feel they get out of them. I did look through what it offered, but personally couldn't justify paying for it as I can go to another party for less.

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I agree... I feel like I never have enough time to do everything at mnsshp to begin with, let alone attend a party... In the party! I guess I would think about it if a. I could do two parties to fit everything in and b. if I was really into the villains smile

I have mixed feelings. The parties add variety and new experiences for the regular visitor to the park, but the early park closings make planning a trip a little more difficult. Ideally, I'd like fewer Halloween and Christmas parties, but they must be attracting enough guests to support the number of days they are currently offered.

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