Too Many Moving Parts... your advice?

We’re planning an Epcot day and a HS day on March 19th and 20th, which is 60+6 and 60+7, for us.

I’d thought we’d do Epcot on the 19th, using EMH, and HS on the 20th. But, like everyone, HS is messing me all up.
Epcot is a CL 8 both days.
HS is a 9 on the 20th and a 7 on the 19th.

We don’t know about BGs. We don’t know about Space 220 (which we’d want to do on our Epcot day). We don’t know about MMRR. We don’t know about HS hours.

And my FP day is coming up soon. :flushed:

I was hoping to have something else to base this decision on. The CL and EMH don’t push me one way or the other. If Space 220 reservations came out, we’d do Epcot on whatever day I could get one. If hours were extended, that might change my mind. But … radio silence… it feels that way.

So, WWYD? CL7 at HS or EMH at Epcot? I just want both. :wink:

I’d do HS first if getting on ROTR is any kind of priority to give you some wiggle room. I wouldn’t factor in predicted crowd levels for two back to back days.


Oh wow. i read MMRR and thought about measles mumps.and rubella. Sorry


This’ll be our second day at HS, and I’m hoping to get on ROTR the first day. Honestly, I’m hoping this will be kind of a “hit what we’ve missed” day, so it won’t really matter about the crowd level. I just wish they’d give us some indication of plans for March, before FP time.

Is this your only Epcot day? What kind of stuff do you want to do at Epcot? I personally would go for lower crowds at HS, because Epcot just feels more spacious and has, in my mind, more wander/experience stuff and less lines.

This is also our second Epcot day, but the only full day we have there. Besides Space 220, we want to do a handful of FW rides, and then try to catch a lot of the shows around WS. You’re right, though - it’s a lot more wandering, so the better crowds at HS might outweigh the extra hour we could get at Epcot.

MMRR is scheduled to open March 4. TP has it listed as a FP+ option, if that is any sort of indication. I feel like we have to hear of a new FP tiering plan to accommodate this soon, since we are less than 60 days out from the opening.

I keep hoping for news! So far, no one going in March has yet been able to book FPs for MMRR. I’m pretty resigned to rope-dropping this one. We’re close enough to the opening that I doubt there’ll be better advice than to get there early and wait it out.

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