Too many emails

Anyone getting a bunch of duplicate emails from DCL? In the past 24 hours, I have received the same email three times. Is it me? Or did everyone get these duplicates?

I bet one of them was mine. Can you fwd it plz? :crazy_face::rofl:


I have received several emails from DCL over the past few days. I don’t know if they were duplicates since I just deleted them. I guess since I didn’t jump on their DVC offer emails, Disney thought maybe I would be tempted by DCL.

I have received zero emails from DCL

My only duplicates are when DCL sent me one and my TA one so she forwarded it to me.

@ryan1 , have you cruised with DCL before or are you planning a cruise now? I checked all of my email accounts (DCL usually emails me to my secondary emails not my Disney email) and I have not received any.

I must be getting them because I priced out a few cruise dates recently. I mean, I know that’s why…just surprised about getting triplets!

Yes but their emails can be weird. I think I usually get them to my AOL account.

Triplets are ALWAYS a big surprise!

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Ha! My wife and I joked when she was pregnant with our last child about what if it were triplets. (She has an aunt who has twin boys.) Fortunately, God decided not to play any practical jokes on us that time around!

Not DCL but recently have gotten duplicate emails from several contacts - usually literally one on top of another - including identical from USPS delivery digest.