Too Many Early Mornings?

While I’m quite happy with my plan for our August trip, I’m starting to worry about the number of early mornings. I don’t have too much flexibility because of the 7am EMH at HS (Jedi Training is a must do for DS7), the fact that BOG is closed on our first few days (through Aug 25) and 2 MNSSHPs during our week.

It will be me, DS7, DD2, and DSis, plus DMom and DDad for the second half (from Aug 25). Last summer, we did several PPO ADRs and it worked well for us. I was surprised at my family’s ability to get up and out the door because we are all sleepers.

Current plan:
8/21 - Arrival day. Will probably spend a few hours at MK.
8/22 - Epcot, PPO ADR at GG (8am). Leave a little after lunch. Evening at hotel.
8/23 - HS, RD EMH (7am). Leave by 2pm. Evening at hotel.
8/24 - Late start. 11:30am breakfast at Ohana, afternoon at AK. SW Dessert Party + Evening EMH at HS
8/25 - Resort day. Maybe water park or mini-golf. Dinner at Ohana.
8/26 - MK, PPO ADR at BOG (8am), break, then back for HEA Dessert Party.
8/27 - AK, RD EMH (8am). Late lunch/snack at Sanaa. Evening at hotel.
8/28 - MK, EMM (7:45am), break then late afternoon/evening at HS + Fantasmic.
8/29 - Leisurely check-out day with breakfast at hotel.

The only day I feel I could change is 8/27 at AK. We could start later, but we’d miss the advantage of EMH and may be dealing with larger crowds later. RD for FOP is not a concern since we’re onsite and this is Day 60+7 for us. Also, Tusker House was a favorite from last year, but I’m willing to give it up if I can’t logically fit it in the plan.

So, am I pushing it on the early mornings? What would you change?

Frankly, I would not change a thing in your plan. The only time I get concerned about early starts is if I have a late night before them, and the day after your one really late night you are having a resort day.

The only possible concern is, as you have stated, AK on 8/27. However, your overall plan is not that aggressive, with plenty of downtime, so one day where you push it a little bit should not be a problem. Plus, it is late in your stay so you should have conditioned yourselves into getting up and at 'em to hit RD. :slight_smile:


Your plan sounds good as even though you are doing a lot of early mornings, you have balanced this well with resort and leisure time and early nights so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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If you are morning people this is a spectacular plan. I try to get a PPO ADR just about every morning. By far the first couple of hours in the parks are the best, the breakfast give you a jumpstart on everyone else and you start your day on a full stomach. Take the breaks in the afternoons while the parks are the busiest.

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Thank you everyone! You know, sometimes it’s good just to have another set of eyes on your plans to ensure you’re not being unrealistic! Appreciate the feedback.

Like a good consultant, I think I’ve applied lessons learned from last year’s trip! I’m really excited about this one and the addition of my parents.

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I think this looks perfectly fine if you truly take advantage of slow and easy evenings at your resort and head to bed on the early side of things. The only transition I worry about at all is 8/26 (early morning and late evening) followed by 8/27 when you’ll need to be at AK for 0700 to take full advantage of 0800 EMH (assuming Pandora - if not Pandora then 0730ish arrival would be fine). But since that’s you’re only “double back” and you are planning that evening at the resort, you’ll probably be okay.

Can you remind me of your travel party?

Well, knowing the travel party will reinforce your concern. :grinning:

Me and my sister (both in 30s), my DS7 and DD2 and our parents who are in their 70s and move quite slowly. I was thinking about doing the dessert party another day so it’s not such a long day, but only option is day before (and would require an extra park day) and the day after. The latter is possible, but then takes away from the planned off evening. I’m hoping that 3+ hours of downtime before heading back to MK will make it doable.

Decisions, decisions…

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As I said I think the overall pace will make pushing the limits on this day a little bit more feasible, plus as you say the 3hrs break will help too. Just really try to push NAPS that afternoon vs pool!

We will be ther at around the same time! Arriving on the 20 in the afternoon and leaving Disney on the 26, changing hotel to go maybe to universal. I have the same concern since my hubby is not a morning person. Wondering if an arrival at HS in late afternoon is enough to do all there is to do.

Right now, pre TSL and pre SWL, we do a noon arrival and we are done by 6ish

Agree. It seems that unless Jedi Training is a priority, a late arrival would be fine.

We’re a rope drop family so this seems like a reasonable plan to me. Of course, my kids are a lot older (11 & 14), so we are also planning somewhat late nights most days also! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ll be rope dropping AK on 8/27 as well. We may pass in the crowds!

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