Too many ADRs

I have way too many ADRs. I’m on the dining plan and have 9 table service credits available to use. I currently have ADRs totaling 14 credits. Which would you cancel and why? Or, which would you pay out of pocket for? DH is a foodie - so cost is not a factor for excellent food. DD5 loves princesses.

Breakfast -
Tusker House
Chef Mickey’s

Lunch -
Coral Reef
H&V with F! Package

Dinner -
1900 Park Fare
Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming
Be Our Guest
Jungle Navigation

Personally, I would cancel:

H&V with F! Package

And two others :wink:

Would you cancel, or cash pay? DD5 would not be happy to skip either.

If you were going to pay OOP, I would probably pay for the 2 DDP credit ones or else you will end up paying for more out of pocket.


I know that to be true for Tiffins. But, is it also true for CRT?

For CRT, cash is better for adults, credits for kids. This is generally true for most fixed-price meals.

If this info is true - per adult price listed (from

1900 Park Fare Dinner - $45
Akershus Breakfast - $48
H&V With Pkg Lunch - $48
Ohana Dinner - $42
CRT Lunch - $75
Tusker House Breakfast - $32

2016 DDP breakdown is approx per adult:
QS $18
TS $37
Snack $5

Following this logic, I believe I should cash pay CRT ~AND~ Tusker House.

Are there any ADRs on my list that you would cancel? And if so, why?

7 character meals seems like a lot, to me and you’re doubling up on a bunch of characters… for instance, 1900 Park Fare is a good meal but I don’t know that I’d do that AND CRT in the same trip. You’re looking at seeing Mickey & the gang twice as well, and I personally would choose the Tusker House one, especially if it’s pre-RD.

So that could free up 2 credits, and then I’d pay out of pocket for CRT (average value per credit at lunch = $30), Coral Reef (avg value per credit at lunch = $32) and Tusker House (avg value per credit at breakfast = $31). Those values came from If you think people are going to order the most expensive thing on the menu at Coral Reef (they have steak on the kid’s menu!) then use credits and pay for H&V OOP.

Hello, my list looked very similar to yours a couple of months ago. Based on research only I kept Akershus, H&V Fantasmic package, and Park Fare, as they have at least one princess and are excellent value on the DDP. I would drop Chef Mickey or Tuskers, we are only going to do Tuskers if we can get a DP. I’d love to eat there but I don’t want any more character meals if I can help it. I am considering sharing credits over 2 meals and paying the rest in cash, but you have very few non buffet meals. I didn’t really consider CRT, as it’s so expensive and we are doing 3 other princess meals, I’m saving it for a future visit when we aren’t on the DDP, same reasoning for Tiffins. Coral Reef had mixed reviews but it’s so unusual we have to try it, if only once. Reviews on Ohana are also mixed, biggest complaint was waiting ages for a table, so I’ve gone for an early dinner. I know you’ve been before, what of the above have you already tried?

Personally I would cancel.

DH is such a foodie, that the food is a big part of the experience for him…I don’t mind the time it takes to enjoy these things as long as they are worthwhile.

Breakfast -
Akershus we did lunch before - DH insists on doing this one so we don’t have to wait in lines to meet princesses.
Tusker House - first time
Chef Mickey’s - DH really wants to go back.

Lunch -
CRT - this would be our 2nd time.
Coral Reef - first time
H&V with F! Package - 2nd time, DD insists on going back to meet the Disney Jr characters again.

Dinner -
Ohana - 1st time - must do
1900 Park Fare - we did breakfast before. looking to do dinner this time.
Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming - brand new, first time
Tiffins - brand new, first time, must do
Be Our Guest - first time, must do
Jungle Navigation - 2nd time, DH requested therefore must do.


Hi, what about trying to get BOG breakfast or lunch instead of Dinner? I know its not the same as no Beast and different meal choices, however, you get to experience the restaurant and it would just be QS credits. Personally I would probably cancel H&VF as you can probably meet those characters in the park quite easily (with hopefully not too much wait). I also have the same problem - too many ADR’s! I also have both Akershus and CRT reservations. I want to do Akershus to experience the food (what is the food like - should I cancel that one?!) but also want to do CRT for the experience of eating in the Castle again (have done CRT breakfast before so are doing lunch next time).

H&V lunch characters are ONLY available at H&V. Cannot cancel this one.
Akershus food is edible, but not my favorite. It is definitely Norwegian style food. I didn’t leave hungry.
CRT is an incredible meal. We will be there for the food, not necessarily the princesses.

I will mention to DH that Tusker House and Chef Mickey’s are overlapping characters and see what he says. We’re really excited to try Tusker House this time.

Thanks for the info, I might think twice about Akershus! Sorry I was thinking that the lunchtime characters at H&V were Doc Mcstuffins, Sofia and Jake, all of which we met in the park as a meet n greet in November so I just assumed this was still available. You have some great restaurant choices anyway, I hope you have been able to narrow things down if you needed to.

Correction - Doc and Jake are at the animation Courtyard. Sofia and Handy Manny are NOT.

I haven’t narrowed anything down. I’m waiting. It’s too overwhelming to figure out what I want to do 4 months in advance!

So after talking to DH, we cancelled CRT and Chef Mickey’s. I will analyze this again later this week and see how it looks.