Too good to be true

So I just created my touring plans for January and they honestly look way too good to be true. They have me waiting in line for anywhere from 3-9 minutes with the longest wait being 17 minutes at Peter Pan. This seems waaaaaaaay too good to be true. How truly accurate are these plans?

I’ve never been to disney but envisioned epic crowds and mammoth waits. I just don’t want to get my hopes up!

trust in the force.


Agree with @DarthDopey, trust them. We were there this year the week leading up to Easter. Very crowded. They worked like a charm, again. We never wait long, regardless of crowd levels when following a TP.

you get the awesomeness of touring plans plus slow season

I’ve had January trips where it was pretty much like that - but that was during the recession. Not sure if it’s still that good…

We went this past September 25th-29th and prepared personal touring plans for each park. Our park plans were:

TH 25th-EP (predicted 5/ actual 5)
FR 26th- HS (predicted 3/ actual 6)
SA 27th- AK (predicted 4/ actual 5)
SUN- 28TH MK (predicted 1/actual 1)

They worked great for Epcot and Animal Kingdom. They didn’t work at all at HS after 10am. The park that was suppose to be a 3 was a 6 and it felt like a 8. The line to Great Movie ride was even 45-60 minutes long most of the day. They worked well for our morning touring at MK but even though they were predicted a 1 and the actual showed to be a 1 it didn’t feel like a 1. By noon the lines were longer than what the TP showed and we finally gave up following it. We weren’t able ride everything we wanted since a torential downpoor hit about 8:30. The MNSSHP even got rained out. Overall, I will go back with a personal touring plan but if the parks seem to be more crowded, we just chunk it and do what we can to get as much as we can done. I love TP and would much rather have a plan than to wing it but that is probably just my personality :smile: Hubby and I stayed a few extra days for the F&W festival after our son and daughter in law left with our 2 grandsons without a TP since it was mostly Epcot WS.

I honestly make my own plans based off what I’ve learned from this and different sites, and don’t use the TPs (on the forum for the advice). HOWEVER, I’ve had a May trip, a December trip (8-10 crowd levels), a January trip and now a July trip (7-8 crowd levels). I have never waited more than 20 minutes for a ride and 20 minutes is a LONG wait, it probably averages 10 minutes. I take that back, one our last day last week we had time to kill and made the decision to get in a 25 minute line and waited 22 minutes. That is my longest wait ever at WDW (not counting waiting for the bus, ha ha). He have done every major ride more than once a trip. It’s all about the plan for sure!!