Too good to be true? (More DHS ?)

I’m getting an 18 minute wait for SDD first thing in the morning on 4/21 (CL 3). I had a 20 something min wait with an imaginary 9am FPP sometime last week and now that I’ve hypothetically swapped that out for MMRR at the same time it’s gone down.

Anyone think I can count on knocking out both of those in an hour before before our H&V ADR at 10:15?

And while you’re all here, if you don’t think that’s too good to be true, should I try to get FPP for the other TSL rides for 9 and 10 and knock out all of TSL before breakfast and do MMRR immediately after? That would for sure be less back tracking, but is it too optimistic?

ETA, currently a 9am opening. If that gets pushed up we’d obviously have more flexibility, but I don’t think I’ll get that info before I have to pick fast passes.

That sounds too low unless you are at the front of the rope drop crowd and race your way to SDD at RD.

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I concur about that sounding too quick. With all the chaos at DHS right now & through March you’ll have to wait for TP to collect more data. You’ll have a better idea about DHS queues, for your trip, after the April CL update - usually in the first week of each month. That’ll give you 3 weeks to really hammer down the details.

I love TP but any CL # and queue wait times that is more than 30 days out I no longer trust. Wait and see… it’ll fluctuate. TP updates every month and until your travel month they just copy & paste the previous year’s historical info into the calendar.

I’m generally reworking my plans right up to the week of my trip as TP gets more data from subscribers using the Lines App in the park


Amen to that. I went back and forth so many times trying to decide which week to buy my tickets for (I hate having to nail down the dates so far out) going between two sets of weeks in Jan and Feb. Both were projected to be 3-4 CL when I pulled the trigger. The other week ended up being 2, and my weeks cropped up to 6-8. And I don’t care what people say about a good TP being better than a low crowd. I’ll take a low crowd any day.


Yeah…, the best advice I can tell ppl is to look at historical data from at least 2 years before booking - whiich TP offers. Plus look at multiple websites crowd calendars. While they may not all agree exactly, you can see a pattern of “less busy” times.

Deciding based on future predictions for a trip months in advance is as accurate as using a crystal ball. (Especially with all the construction / additions happening)

It’s even better when you have both!


YES! We have come to Disney 5 times in Jan - Feb and never saw these kinds of crowds, and had a great TP.

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I went early 2019 to avoid all the SW:GE chaos and have no plans to go back until the end of 2021. IMHO - WDW is going to be a mess for sometime while prepping for the 50th.

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