Too exited for Christmas trip!

We are going to Disney in late nov early December for the first time. Our kids 6,8 have NO idea. I’m so excited. I myself have added some surprises like MVMCP and club level at AKL that my husband doesn’t even know about yet (I do the planning) anyone else going crazy like me?


I’m also going in December and it’s a surprise for the kids (5&2). I have booked the MVMCP, have a fireworks dessert party planned (surprise to the husband). I am so excited! I plan and replan a little every day!

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I have the dessert party too. Forgot. Isn’t it all great!!!

This trip instantly lifts my mood when I think about it. I cannot wait!

Last time we went, we went during xmas season. It’s SOOOO pretty. And being able to catch it without the crowds between xmas and NY is great. You’ll have a blast!

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Hello All. My family too is going during Christmas - 12/16 - 12/23. Our 5 kiddos don’t know yet either, but we plan on telling them soon after the 100 day mark. Have some ideas for the surprise reveal up my sleeve, including leaving some of the surprises for the day we leave/arrive. How are you guys planning on telling your family? :slight_smile:

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Our trip is November 27-December 6. My kids have NO patience so I have to wait until the lady possible time. Might do it on daughter birthday which is on 22nd but then son will want that kind of present for his birthday in may too :blush: . So will probably tell them at thanksgiving dinner as their "special dessert "

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We’re 31 days out and I am stoked. Got Magical Express tickets in the mail today and did a little dance. EeeK!

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I still don’t know exactly how I’ll tell mine. We have to get up really early for a 6am flight so I’m thinking it’s better to tell them the night before. Last time we did the same flight and telling them at 4am as we were rushing around because we woke up late didn’t really have the magical effect I was hoping for lol.

I think my husband and I have decided to let them know shortly after it hits the 100th day mark (which is in 14 days- YAHOO!!!) We have planned a dinner with Chinese food (not something we normally have, but the kids ask for often). I’m going to pre-purchase fortune cookies and use instructions I found on YouTube on how to remove and replace your own fortune inside the cookies (will have to practice this prior so as not to be disappointed when it doesn’t work). I have some fortune ideas I found on Pinterest that will hint at something special coming such as the following: “12/16/17 will be a day to remember;” (this is the day we will leave); “Runway lights will take you to new heights” (we are hoping to fly and this will be their first time flying. If we don’t fly, this one will be taken away.); "The force is strong with us; “Magic awaits in a faraway place;” “Make a wish in a magical well.”, and so on. I’ll need at least 7 with the last one hopefully giving them the biggest hint. I’m so excited to do this. My oldest two are 14 & 12 and they are sure to figure it out quicker than the others, but hoping they can hold off until the end of the surprise! :grin:


We will be there December 23rd to January 1st. Our kids will be 6 and 2 at the time. The baby turns 3 December 31st. I am not sure who is more excited, my kids or us!

I think the fortune cookies idea is great. Never heard that one before. Good luck replacing the fortunes.

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I’m going to be there for a post Thanksgiving/ Pre Christmas celebration to visit my daughter. Taking my mom for her 80th birthday as well.
We’ve been there during Jersey Week but have never seen the parks decorated, I’m SO excited to see MK all decked out in person!
Enjoy your big reveal & let us know how it turns out!

We are there the almost exact same dates. We leave on the second instead. My kids are a bit older, and super excited. I think DH and I are more excited, add the kids have ever heard of wdw before we announced we were going!

We’re heading to Disney from 11/30 to 12/7, for our first family trip. My husband & I have 2 kiddos & we’re part of a larger family group of 10. We’re doing MVMCP also and I’m very excited about that (but also unsure of whether to dedicate line time to character waits!). Our kids know about our trip already - they’ll be 6 & 4 at trip time - but I do have some surprises planned. Very exciting!

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Hearing all of you talk about surprising the littles makes me wish we had kids to take with us. However, not enough to actually have kids at this point. :grin:

Maybe some of our friends would let us “rent” their’s. My nephews go all the time with their mother’s family, so they’re not interested. Plus, they are 13 and 11, so too old to “surprise.” The wonder of WDW has worn off for them.

We are going the week of Thanksgiving, just the 2 of us and are super excited to see it decorated for Christmas. Our FFP time starts tomorrow! Yay!

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Dec 2-9 here! Going with a large group of family and friends and taking my neice and nephew as their Xmas presents!