Too early for HS December TP?

So I finally roughed my TPs for our December trip. All the parks seem reasonable expect for HS. There is so much up in the air with GE. Should I even trouble you all to look at HS at this point or wait a few more weeks to see how things shake out with GE and EEMH? My FPP reservation isn’t for 6 weeks.

Even waiting a few weeks won’t help much because it most likely will completely change again when RotR opens on December 5. Unfortunately December at HS is going to be very hard (nearly impossible) to predict. And I would also expect more uncertainty than usual at the other parks in terms of wait times because we don’t know if (or how much) RotR will impact the other parks.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear …

I’m in the same boat. Scheduled trip several months ago for Dec 9-12 solely for low crowd levels at that time of year. :woman_facepalming: We’re four adults, though, so we’ll go with the flow…contrary to my typical over-planning instincts. I’m super happy we get to see RotR but already apprehensive about crowd levels.
I did manage to get rez for Savi’s and Droid building, though, so the guys will be thrilled. They are huge SW geeks.

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If you’re doing a lightsaber or droid building. Schedule it now. Cause once it’s filled up it’s tough to find openings.

Other than that, I think you can hold off for a few weeks.

I don’t see eemh continuing, but they may restart up in December if RotR proves to be drawing in crowds.

I would skip HS but I don’t know when we would return. There’s not really that much that we want to do: SDD, TSM, TOT, RNR, Racing Academy, ToyStory M&G, Olaf M&G, and Star Tours. We can do the two rides in GE. I’ve plugged them all into TP and it says I can do it all but the SB times for either TOT or RNR is really long, 80+ minutes each. I can only get one of them as FPP and if there is no SDD that day, then we would have to stand in line for the other one in addition to the two GE rides. Thanks for confirming my dilemma. But life could be worse.

We have Oga and droid reservations so we will get into GE. Once we are in the land, I think we would want to ride. Then, we will have to stand in line.:grimacing: FPP spoils us.

I’m with you on EEMH. With CL starting to climb in a couple of weeks, one would logically think that Disney would add EEMH. But then, DS wouldn’t want to be up at 4 AM. That’s okay, he can meet up with us when he wakes up.