Tony's Town Square Dining Package Festival of Fantasy - Is Tony's really that bad?

I am seriously considering doing the Festival of Fantasy Package at Tony’s for our trip in January 2019. I have read mixed reviews of Tony’s. The menu looks pretty good. It has vegetarian options for us, which is good. It has pizza…can pizza really be that bad? And we’ve never seen the parade and I would love to spend our time in a restaurant instead of spending it staking out a place to sit.

Does anyone have any recent experience at Tony’s? How bad is it?

Thank you! My 180 day mark is coming up in 10 days!!! Time to get serious about this schedule. Our park day predictions just changed DRASTICALLY FOR THE BETTER. So I’m re-evaulating everything right now. It’s so exciting!


Was recent podcast review - review was not horrible. Steak got good review, Alfredo poor. We are doing it on 18th will try to post.

Ooh interesting. Which podcast was it?

I’m having trouble with posting link/image
Is YouTube Disney Dining Show Disney Unplugged from 6/1/18
I’m hoping it’s decent enough as we are doing it specifically for parade viewing. Is our first trip, too hot (and wastes limited park time we have) to stake out a location for an hour before.

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I tried replying directly to you, but am technology challenged

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We ate there about 5 years ago. Had a party of 8. Thought it was just fine. Have never understood all the poor reviews I’ve read about since then.

I did the FoF package for my solo trip in Jan17. I would not call the food at Tony’s good, but it wasn’t terrible either. I would do it again solo or with a small group for the parade viewing.

Just be aware the parade viewing is in total sun.

The route is large and there are decent spots you can get close to time.

I did tonys too many years ago to comment. But i will say yes pizza can be bad. As well as pasta. I have had bad places before.

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I think it might be worth it, especially in January as the parade spot for the package is fully in the sun. I don’t know that I would try it in the summer months. I had scheduled it for September and then cancelled only because I like to watch parade in Frontier-land where there is at least a little shade and you don’t have to stake out a spot an hour in advance

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I’ve only eaten there once, but from that one experience, I’d go back. The caprese salad and bread basket were excellent (I got a second basket). I had the spaghetti and meatballs (couldn’t resist the Lady and the Tramp thing) and it was good enough; I’d say on a par with Olive Garden. I didn’t have dessert.

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My BF is vegetarian and he LOVES Tony’s. We go there every trip and we were just there in Jan.
I would say that it is not anything special, but I do always enjoy my meals there. Kind of your standard Italian place, I have heard it compared to a chain type place - Olive Garden if you know what that is.

It was the Dis Dining Show review. I believe they have a new chef there and she is trying to make improvements. Tony’s tends to be a place that people either have good experiences or bad ones, but I’ve been hearing that it’s getting better than it was.

I had butternut squash ravioli. My boys ate spaghetti and meatballs. I’m pretty sure this Italian girl would have not enjoyed their spaghetti, but my dish was wonderful. We had great service, sat outside on a beautiful fall evening. So if you are a foodie or true blooded Italian, like me; try one of the more non-traditional dishes. My seven year old’s palate enjoyed the spaghetti.

We ate late lunch 7/18 with parade package and sat outside. All of our food was good. Favorites were steak and ravioli. Desserts were also good and large portions. Our server Alfie was super - never rushed us. The next day we paid double for CRT for poor service and food that was good,but no where near worth cost. Appetizer and dessert portions were small and service was very rushed. We would go back to Tony’s.