Tony's in MK - closing?


Has anyone here seen or heard anything about Tony's restaurant closing this spring? I've tried to book an ADR for the week of May 11-18, with no luck. On MDE it simply says that its not available. I also tried to book the Festival of Fantasy Parade/Dining package too, but again not available during our stay.

My niece is a HUGE Lady and the Tramp fan, so we were really hoping to go.

Thanks for your input!


I have not read this on any other boards...


My guess is that regular ADRs are slow loading for Tony's and will show up in a week or so. Sometimes special packages such as the parade viewing load later too.


I hadn't heard of this. I will keep checking back.
Right now as of Saturday, April 22 to May 17th, Tony's is not available for booking ADRs.


So excited!!! I have been keeping tabs on Tony's checking back every few weeks... and now its open for reservations! I was able to get a lunch reservation for the day I wanted, and bumped up the reservation by choosing the Festival of Fantasy Parade package! I'm so excited! I can't wait to surprise my niece with this on our trip she is going to LOVE the Lady/Tramp decor.