Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Oct 2023?

How do we know which days the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace party will be on in October 2023? Everywhere I look, it says “select nights” but so far, I can only see 1 Saturday, Oct 21. Does anyone know if it will be happening on Friday, Oct 27? If I call in to Disney, will they be able to tell me?

Hopefully they would be able to tell you, but it looks like dates haven’t been released for late October past the 24th.

Yeah, I was just wondering if I am just missing the actual date list somewhere or if there is a secret list that the all knowing Liners know about. Haha! I find it interesting that there is still availablity for Oct 21 since it has been open for a few days already. I was also wondering if anyone knew if the first 2 weekends on Oct will have the party but the tickets are just sold out already. Like, did any Liners get tickets for one of those 2 weekends. I think I will use the chat to ask Disney rather than call in for that.