Tomorrow is the day...and I have so much to do!

In March I booked our Trip.
In April I bought plane tickets
In June I made the ADRs
In September I booked Fast Passes
In less than 24 hours of our trip, I’m procrastinating packing.
So much pre-planning got my tired.


I hate the packing. And also the unpacking.

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Unpacking is the worst!


We leave tomorrow too! My mom is grabbing the kids right now so that I can have the house to myself to pack. It’s a surprise trip :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Start with your toiletries and makeup. Get that out of the way, then get out pjs, bathing suits and underwear. These are the things that are easiest to forget. Next, shoes. Got that done? Now you can get your clothes and you’ll know you’ve done almost everything you need.

Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses/hats and the phone/tablet chargers.

Have a great trip.


A well-seasoned Liner would have a Disney box ready to go at all times, stocked with toiletries and OTCs.

I just need to invest in a second flat iron and I’ll be good to go save my makeup bag and daily meds.


What a great grandma! The day before our trip, I took DS1 and DD4 out of the house for about 6 hours so DW could pack everyone up. So hard to pack with littles in the house.

When/how are you telling the kids about the trip?

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Grandma is coming with us :smiley: My plan is to get up and finish school for the week (we homeschool), then get all the kids in the shower. Grandma will show up around the time they are dressed and ready. We will loudly discuss and decide together that the kids deserve an early Christmas present. We got them all new Disney themed suitcases, so we will roll those in and let them get excited that they got new bags. Then we’ll tell them to open them where they will find their “Disney Bound” shirts, magic bands, and ears :heart_eyes: From there, we’ll go pick up my husband from work and head to the airport. I’m so excited!!! I’ll be filming it since my husband will be at work :frowning_face:


I am TERRIBLE at this. I lay out things weeks before, but then put off assembling it all (and editing it down) until the night before, stay up too late, then keep waking up throughout the night because I think I’ve forgotten something or that we’ve somehow slept through our alarms :joy:. EVERY time! It’s basically my pre-trip ritual.


Awesome! Sounds like a great plan to surprise the kids. Have a great trip!

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Awww! We did the Disney themed suitcases last year. We’re flying frontier on the way down this year and I briefly considered not taking their cute suitcases to save the carryon / checked bag fee. But what’s a few more $ at this point?

Have a great time! Looking forward to both trip reports.

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We’re flying American on miles and have a credit card that allows free checked bags (1 per person), so we’re probably packing too much!!

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We leave in roughly 36 hours and I am totally procrastinating on the packing. I have been in monster planning mode since February but now that it’s close I’m in that bewildered shock zone. I keep thinking how departure day sure has snuck up on me. LOL!

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Hope your kids take it better than 1 of mine did!


We actually had a “what if I told you we were going to Disney tomorrow?” conversation recently just to gauge things. I think we’re gonna be all good :smiley:



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Yes! I bought packing cubes for our trip in February and just keep them pack and stored at the top of my closet. :raised_hands:t3:

@N-P_Family and @kerrilux I’m so jealous!!! Have loads of fun. Can’t wait to see your trip reports!!! :star_struck::partying_face:

And @N-P_Family you can do it!!! One more planning thing and then it all gets to pay off!!! :facepunch:t3:


Most kids would respond that way. One of mine just doesn’t like surprises. You’ll have a blast.

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