Tomorrow FP date question

Tomorrow is my FP+ date. I am trying to finalise everything so that I feel prepared :slight_smile:

I have nothing else in Epcot to FP+ for on this particular day. I am splitting the park down the middle and doing it in half. What do I do with my unused FP… it feels strange having nowhere to put them…

I would get FP+ for Spaceship Earth and Mission Space even if the expected stand-by waits are not that long. Those are popular rides and you never know what the real wait will be. I would think of the FP+ as potential life savers which you may or may not need, you bring them just in case :blush:


Oddly enough, we’ve waited in line for Journey to Imagination for around 45 mins, even though it was supposed to be a short wait. You just never know where the crowd will suddenly decide to go.

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