Tom Sawyer's Island Raft

I haven’t been to Disney in 13 years and planning an October trip. I’m reading a guide book that says that Tom Sawyer’s Island is only accessible by raft. In light of recent events, I’m not really comfortable having my kids on a raft. Is this mode of transportation a raft like boat or an actual raft (I’m envisioning a blow up raft)? Thanks in advance for your help!

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It’s a log “raft” with fencing around the sides.
Here’s a pic I found through a google search:


It’s motorized and very sturdy. It’s takes less than 1 minute to go from the “mainland” to the “island”.

As with everything, if you feel uncomfortable, listen to your instincts.


If “recent events” is the tragic Alligator attack at the GF beach, I wouldn’t worry. Much smaller body of water, so the odds of a large Gator going undetected are incredibly low plus the rafts themselves will scare the gators away. And I believe Tom Sawyer Island shuts down at dusk so it’s a far different situation than the GF beach. I wouldn’t worry about the Tom Sawyer rafts at all…


Thanks so much, everyone! Based on your responses, I’m adding Tom Sawyer Island to the plan!!! The raft I was picturing in my head was something like this:


LOL! That’s what I thought you were thinking! “Raft” certainly does bring that to mind.:smile:


The rafts are definitely safe. I asked our raft guide last year if they ever had gators in that water around TSI. He said they had one the previous year which they had promptly removed.