Tom Sawyer Island

Is TSI a nice place to take an afternoon break on a September afternoon? Or is it too hot? It will be a non-hotel break day bc of parade.

We planned it for the afternoon, and it was a big mistake. It was February and drizzling so it wasn’t even hot. We were just too tired to tromp around the island. I think it would be fun if you arrived back at MK after a nap and found that lines were still too long, or maybe after a nice long lunch. I had really been looking forward to it, and it seemed like a place my high-energy boys would love, but we were just too tired.

I would stick with indoor attractions like Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents or PhilHarmagic.

Thanks @SallyEppcot. Great advice as usual! :smile:

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We were looking at TSI for our October trip, and have it in our TP just after Splash. I figured if it was hot and we get soaked, the kids can boot around for 30 mons, then off to Pecos Bill for lunch in the a/c. Hope that will work well. :smiley:

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Good idea @Jayzeeduck!

Don’t forget you have to take a boat to and from TSI. It could take much longer than you think. Make sure you eat at Peco Bills early or late, not at the “normal”
Lunch time. It can be a zoo.

The boat back and forth is miserable in Sept. Sun beating down no shade and the water just seems to reflect it right back on you. TSI CM is one of the worst jobs in summer IMO.

Agree that getting there and back is incredibly hot. Once you are there, it is nice and shaded. I really enjoy going to sit down by the water (near the fort) while the kids run around. It gives you a great view of BTMRR. But it’s not something that I would do in place of a real break.

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Good tip, @SwensonNov2014 ! I will keep that in mind…think we were looking at an early lunch to duck out of MK before the bulk of the crowds arrive. :smiley:

I am so glad I asked this question!! I definitely would not have had the right expectations.

I find TSI a great place to “get away from things” for a little bit. I typically only do it on solo trips, which are typically in Jan, so I can’t comment on Sept-specific conditions.

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