Toll roads. Exact cash?

Doing a little research, and my understanding is that I can only pay for a Toll road with either exact cash or a ‘Sun Pass’

I have no idea what a ‘Sun Pass’ is, so what happens if we do not have the ‘exact’ change at the toll?

Thanks in advance

If you go through a toll without a sun pass or exact change they will take a photo of you license plate and send you a bill (toll plus penalty). If you have a rental you can pay extra for the sun pass usually or they will bill you- plus extra if they get sent a fine letter.

Every rental car company that we have used down here has just put the toll on our bill. The toll booths do use exact change, anywhere from .75 to 1.50 per booth.

If you are bringing your own car down here, it’s just as easy to go to Publix to buy a SunPass transponder ($20.00) or SunPass sticker ($4.95), as it is to get a roll of quarters. I would opt for the pass sticker and take it off when you get home. You can by the sticker at Publix. Bring enough change with you to get to Publix, however, because you can’t get the SunPass at the airport (don’t know why but we tried). Once you get the sticker, you just go online and register your car with an account and charging info, and then you are good to go forever.

If you are renting, just ask your rental car company if they offer toll coverage. Everyone we have used so far has. We moved here 1 1/2 years ago, and used to travel down for vacations prior to our relocation and rented cars (Budget) and the SunPass was included. When we moved here we had to use a rental car company (Hertz) for two months, and they also included the SunPass.

After we moved here and lived here a while we had to take my daughter to the Sanford Airport and we were in a car that didn’t have a transponder, and we forgot that the 417 was a toll. We had to drive through, no choice.

I went online, figured out the toll, and sent the DOT a check. They never sent me a bill or a penalty.

If you go through the tolls without a transponder or paying the quarters, then you will, in about four to six weeks receive a bill from the DOT and I don’t think they add a penalty.

They are trying to keep people from freaking out while they are on the road, so they are easy to work with. The toll booth has a sign that explains how to pay the toll if you have to go through without paying. They don’t want anyone causing an accident just because they can’t pay the toll.

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There is a processing fee from sunpass and then a rental company can add extra. Good point though- you can send in a payment right away to avoid it.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, answered all of questions in one hit :slight_smile: :smiley:

We will be flying in from the UK, and hiring with Alamo. Sadly we cannot get hold of loose $ in change before leaving the UK, but will purchase something at MCO after we have landed before getting the car, for the first trip.

The logical step for us would be to go for the car sticker thereafter.

Thanks again.

I have an EZ Pass account from Mass that I know works throughout NEngland, but I seem to recall it works throughout entire eastern seaboard incl Fla?

I have yet to connect it up, there was a glitch with it b4 we drove last trip to disney. But I think I was told it works in Fla as well?

@chann856- The folks on the Forum & on Chat are so helpful, always. When I 1st started on line re disney (after many yrs traveling there) I asked questions to the Mom’s website. They’re very nice, but answers from here were much faster & IMO more informative.

Also, please forgive, if I’ve kind of hijacked your post, hopefully similar situation haha!

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Can anyone let me know where and how many tolls I need to worry about? We are coming from North Carolina and will be staying in WDW. Is it just getting there and leaving, or are there tolls to worry about while there?

@cjandres Having never been (yet), but during my research I found this website useful for calculations

Hope it helps.

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EZ Pass does not work in Florida - I made the drive from NJ almost a year ago. We knew about this though and I had a roll of quarters with us.

The toll road website has a lot of useful info, including maps of exactly where the toll booths are and the amount. We’ve driven on the toll roads, and never used the rental car’s sticker (too many horror stories of overcharging). We just pay cash. There are many booths that are manned, so you can get change, receipts, and rolls of quarters. It was rare to encounter an unmanned one that expects exact change. If we didn’t have exact amount we just paid more, knowing we wouldn’t get change. Cash prices are mostly on the quarter amounts (.25, .50, .75, 1.00) so no need to fuss with dimes, nickels, and pennies.

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