Toll pricing and tips from 9/2019 trip

I had posted question on here previously about epass, sunpass, pricing etc. Here’s what I learned from my trip in aug/Sep 2019.

  • Sun-Pass and E-Pass are interchangeable in terms of where you drive.
  • don’t get nervous when it says “sun pass only” or “e pass only”. The 2 system are connected in the backend to charge you correctly.
  • I like epass because the entry level transponder is free. you have to pay for sun-pass transponder.
  • e-pass also offers discounted tolls when using their transponder on their roads
  • don’t under-estimate the ease of just driving thru toll booths vs stopping to pay. I have done both. I will get transponder again in a heartbeat.


  • $5.44 - From IH-75 to “disney”/Windsor Hills (one -way)
  • $3.62 - From Windsor Hills to Cocoa Beach (one way):
  • $0.26 - From Windsor Hills to Legoland (one -way) - No cost coming home as I went straight to WDW area. This toll is from a connector toll to get to LL from WH location.
  • $1.97 From WH to GatorLand

The return trips were the same amount.

Total paid (including 1 wayward route I accidentally took in a rush) $22.86. This is coming to/from WDW area, Gatorland, LegoLand, and Cocoa Beach.


Did you mean to put 2012 in the thread title? Might be confusing for people who find this info later. :slight_smile:

Corrected title. Thanks.

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Did you encounter any cashless / all-electronic toll plazas between I-75 and WDW? We are travelling down next month in a rental car, and I am considering getting an e-pass transponder to avoid the rental car toll fees if I cannot pay cash.

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The rental car I got from Avis came equipped with a fold-out Sunpass, which I duly used and was invoiced a reasonable amount for a short time after returning the car (I forget how much exactly), but it seemed about right for the tolls from WDW to KSC to Universal.

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FYI - you can get this for free (currently) Just pay the tolls. Used it in Sept. no issues.