Toledo at CSR

Has anyone eaten at Toledo yet? Thoughts?

Yes, and it was great. The restaurant is beautiful, the service was great and the food was all very nicely done. For a single TS credit, it was hands down the best.


And their signature G&T definitely hit the spot.

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Thank you!!!

We did the Wave after we did Toledo, and it was a real come down. The food was still good, but it just missed everything that made Toledo special.

Hope you enjoy too.

So far have given it 2 tries. The food was good but both times had issues with the server. First time the server just seemed to be in a bad mood and never came back. The second time they brought me the wrong dish. I had to sit and watch DW eat her entire meal before my replacement came. Did not comp my entre and did not offer a free dessert which I think is the least they should have done. Great view, love the setting but I don’t believe I will be returning.

The restaurant is beautiful and the view is fabulous. We enjoyed our tapas and appetizers more than we did our entrees. We had an issue with our order and they weren’t terribly nice about it. Still I would try it again and maybe just order lots of small plates.

We had a great meal there - and the “progressive dessert” is to die for. The service was good as well; so hopefully, our experience is more the norm.

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Yikes! That stinks!

Thanks everyone! Will give it a try and hope for the best!